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Live support from Master Techs

By autotech-nath on April 23, 2024

IVS 360, from Opus IVS, provides diagnostics and live repair guidance support services to help workshop technicians fix complex vehicles fast. Using the DrivePro’s diagnostic software and extensive product knowledge, the IVS 360 team of OEM brand-specific master technicians identifies the cause and steps needed to fix vehicle faults.

Technicians can request support from the 360 team directly from their DrivePro device or FixPro. Andy of Ian Studley Cars called on their services via their device to help with a vehicle: “I called the IVS 360 team because a 2004 Ford Focus was losing power intermittently. I spoke to Arber, an IVS 360 Master Technician, who explained the fault code I was seeing and advised on checks required for the wiring connection. He also advised testing the instrument cluster, which we discovered was faulty. IVS 360 always saves me a huge amount of repair time. Having such a support asset that my entire workshop can tap into is a game changer.”

“Having an army of behind-the-scenes brand-specific master technicians to tap into at the touch of a button really is a game changer,” says Karl Booth, Head of Sales at Opus IVS. “A recent IVS 360 case involved a BMW E6x, 2010 model year, which displayed Engine Oil pressure and engine warning lights. The vehicle was also reported to have a noisy engine when running. It is problems like these that our customers pick up the phone and call us for,” explains Karl.

The IVS 360 team supported the customer with the following advice…

Make: BMW
E6x (2002 – 2017) E8x (2002 – 2017) E9x (2005 – 2017)

Additional Information: Affects N43 petrol engines


Engine Oil pressure warning light on, engine warning light on and noisy engine.

Oil pressure warning light on 2. Engine warning light on
3. Noisy engine

Fault codes presented:

30C1 – Engine oil pressure control when engine static DME – ENGINE ECU

The Repair:

Once our customer called and explained the symptoms and fault codes they were seeing, Simon Tyrrell, BMS Master Technician, delivered the following repair guidance.

1. Oil check

Check and correct the engine oil level.

2. Quick test

Carry out a quick test using your Opus IVS diagnostic tool.

3. Check the oil filter

If the fault code 30C1 is stored and present, check and make sure the oil filter has not twisted and broken up inside the oil filter housing. If it has, you will need to replace it and re-test.

4. Oil filter OK or fault still present?

If the oil filter is OK, or the fault is still present after replacement, you will need to check the oil pressure. You can do this with the DrivePro in DME >> Diagnosis requests >> Motor operating values >> Oil pressure. Make sure the engine is at the correct operating temperature.

The oil pressure should be a minimum of 1.5 Bar at idle, at operating temperature and 2.2-3.0 bar during controlled pressure at operating temperature.

It is advised to check the oil pressure with an external pressure gauge. This is done by using the special tools that BMW provide to carry this task out (11 9 240, 13 3 061, 13 3 063). This will give you the live readings for the oil pressure so you can compare it to the sensor reading to eliminate a faulty sensor.

“I was there throughout the repair step process,” explains Simon. “Once my customer ran the checks, we easily pinpointed the issue, and I was able to deliver further advice on faulty sensor replacements.”

Introducing the FixPro

Opus IVS recently revealed its latest product, FixPro, a tool which aims to save technicians both time and money.

“FixPro is a game-changer for the automotive industry,” said Head of Sales Karl Booth. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that simplifies the repairing process for technicians while ensuring accurate and reliable results. With FixPro, we are empowering automotive professionals to confidently resolve complex issues, ultimately improving the overall customer experience. The device itself comes with more options to suit all types of independent workshops, including the ability to select a single brand at an affordable price for those workshops specialising in specific brands.”



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