Mahle decodes Mercedes-Benz vehicles


MAHLE and Daimler AG have reached an agreement on access to the encoded OBD diagnostic ports of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Users of the MAHLE TechPRO® or BRAIN BEE CONNEX diagnostic tools can now easily retrieve vehicle data via the Cyber Security feature. Security certificates are obtained by accessing the Daimler portal with an annual subscription from MAHLE or BRAIN BEE. As a special promotion, MAHLE is offering holders of an active license free access until the end of the year.

“With this agreement, we’re giving independent workshops much greater flexibility when it comes to servicing Mercedes- Benz vehicles,” says Joachim Schneeweiss, Head of Sales at MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions.

Daimler AG will introduce a security gateway to prevent third- party access to security-relevant functions of its vehicles. This means that data can only be read via the OBD interface, but not written or deleted, if no original testers from Daimler AG are used or a certificate fails to be exchanged between the diagnostic tool such as MAHLE TechPRO® or BRAIN BEE CONNEX and Daimler.

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