Mahle’s new PAO 68 oil: A/C servicing solution for multibrand garages


Multibrand workshops often face challenges during the A/C service when it comes to keeping a multitude of different PAG compressor oils in stock. Because of their hygroscopic properties, they soon absorb water when opened or improperly stored and must then be disposed of.

PAO 68 oil from MAHLE is a practical and cost-effective solution for workshops. It is suitable for many types of compressor, nonhygroscopic, and compatible with numerous other lubricants and refrigerants.

PAO 68 oil from MAHLE is a unique combination of highly refined synthetic oil and performance-enhancing additives. PAO 68 oil is also compatible with many other lubricants and refrigerants. When used in combination with PAG oil and refrigerants, it can be mixed with other oils as required, but only to a certain extent. Its molecular structure and density mean that it separates out again when it settles.

This means that PAO 68 oil does not form permanent bonds, so the necessary viscosity of the oils is maintained so can be used when topping up and when changing the system’s entire oil volume.

“Of course, we also offer PAG oils in all the usual grades for those workshops that specifically ask for them. But one thing’s certain: we’ve yet to observe any disadvantages when changing from PAG oils to PAO 68 oil in practical use. So, the advantages of making the switch are clearly evident as far as workshops are concerned,” says Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket.

Simplified storage is not the only benefit of MAHLE’s PAO 68 compressor oil’s nonhygroscopic nature. When used on its own, humidity-related problems, such as the icing up of components or the formation of acids, can also be combated.

In comparison with conventional oils, PAO 68 oil thus offers considerably improved possible uses, protects against wear, and ensures the proper function of the air conditioning compressor.



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