MEYLE pre-assembled wheel hubs and ABS detector cards


MEYLE has developed pre-assembled wheel hubs, an all-in-one kit to slash installation time. 

The wheel bearing and wheel hub are pre-assembled in the MEYLE-ORIGINAL repair kit, so there’s no need to remove and insert the wheel hub before installation, which can be time-consuming. The kits cover a global fleet of more than three million vehicles, including Audi, Ford, Mercedes- Benz and VW models. 

All the necessary parts are supplied, with the wheel hub and wheel bearing pre-pressed for installation. When removing the wheel hub, parts of the wheel bearing can get stuck on the hub or the hub may be damaged. The sensitive ABS sensor ring (if present) can also be damaged when reinserted. The pre- pressed repair kit ensures all tolerances, such as concentricity and run-out, fit perfectly. 

The repair kit is available under the MEYLE parts numbers 014 753 0003 for various Mercedes-Benz models, 100 653 0033 and 100 653 0034 for VAG applications and 1100 653 0035 for AUDI A6 and R8 I with more references to follow. 

For years, more and more car parts with integrated sensor rings, e.g. on the crankshaft or wheel bearings, have been installed. These compact sensor rings for speed and position measurement are used in many vehicles. The majority of wheel bearings are now equipped with a magnetic sensor ring, and engine applications such as BMW N55 engine series or Citroen/Peugeot HDi engines as speed sensors on the crankshaft are also increasingly being used.

The ABS Detector card from MEYLE is a practical helper in the everyday workshop life. With the card, magnetic sensor rings can be tested. You can use it in many different ways: the installation side of a wheel bearing with integrated sensor ring can be determined. Also: damage on the sensor ring can be made visible. This simplifies the time-consuming searching for defects and failures and leaves more time for further steps.

Because we know: Time is money – especially in the workshop. This is why MEYLE offers intelligent repair solutions from a single source that save time and money.

A video on the application of the ABS detector card can be found here:

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