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Mobile lift from Power-TEC


Power-TEC’s new Mobile Rolling Lift has all the benefits of a scissor lift but you can pop the wheels on, lower the lift and roll the car and lift into a more convenient location.

It has a 3 tonne capacity, is manufactured in Italy for Power-TEC and is powered by a pneumatic hydraulic pump so an air supply is required. The sliding pads allow it to be used on most vehicles and it lifts to a maximum height of 992mm, making all four wheels accessible for wheel changing, as well as brake and suspension work.

When you want to move the vehicle, wheels can be fitted quickly and locked into place; the foot-controlled pump then lowers the vehicle onto the lift’s wheels and the lift itself is pulled up out of the way.

The Mobile Rolling Lift is available now from your local Power-TEC stockist.

See the Mobile Rolling Lift in action in this short clip, duration 2mins 01 s.

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