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MOT training overhaul

By autotech-nic on December 7, 2015

Ian Gillgrass, Accreditation Manager at the IMI, explains the changing routes to becoming an MOT tester or manager

The DVSA has agreed on the model they wish to deploy to train and update the skills necessary to become either an MOT Tester or an MOT Manager, with a target date to start issuing the new qualifications in the latter part of 2016.

The successful completion of the training to become an MOT Tester or MOT Manager will result in the individual achieving a nationally recognised qualification which will be delivered through training providers that are approved by awarding organisations such as the IMI, City & Guilds, ABC and Pearson Education.

I want to be an MOT Tester

The first stage in the process for an individual who wants to become an MOT Tester will be to demonstrate that they have the necessary vehicle class knowledge and skills (i.e. holding either a relevant qualification or accreditation). Note that the DVSA has informed the IMI that they will be removing access to the NTTA by the end of next August. Much of the trade has indicated to the DVSA that the NTTA is out of date technology and not relevant.

The second stage will be for the individual to achieve the ‘new’ MOT Tester qualification, which may be referred to as a ‘Certificate of Successful Completion’ (CSC). This will be delivered through the various approved training providers such as a local college, a trade association or even an employer, therefore removing the need for DVSA to deliver the training and assessment over a three-day course. In the development of the qualification, the awarding organisations (including the IMI, City & Guilds etc.) will engage with the MOT trade to ensure that the content, the essential knowledge and skills learnt are those needed by the individual to test a vehicle.

This MOT tester qualification needs to be delivered in a ‘minimum’ of 24 hours with at least 8 hours practical. Therefore the qualification can be tailored to suit both the needs of the business as well as the individual, resulting in a highly skilled MOT Tester. It could be delivered in a relatively short time (as at present), alternatively it could be delivered over a period of time, perhaps outside of business hours so there is no need to lose a mechanic (technician) out of the business for the total period of learning time.

The third stage will be for the individual to apply to DVSA to become an MOT Tester once they meet the necessary criteria:

  • Hold a valid driving licence for the class of vehicle they wish to test
  • Have the necessary experience
  • Hold the new ‘MOT Testers qualification’ (CSC)
  • Hold no ‘unspent convictions’
  • Be otherwise of good repute

Once the DVSA agree that the individual has met the criteria, DVSA will then arrange for the individual to be observed carrying out a demonstration of an MOT Test.

If successful and all other criteria have been met, a ‘Certificate of Competence’ will be issued to authorise the individual to test the applicable vehicles to DVSA requirements. Businesses can then ‘nominate’ the individual to perform MOT tests at their premises. The MOT Tester qualification should be available in the latter part of 2016. For further details please contact your training provider after April 2016 to discuss their delivery methods and timescales necessary achieve.


MOT Tester Refresher Training – CPD

MOT Tester Refresher Training has been postponed, as of April 2015. The MOT Tester (existing and new) will be subject to Continual Professional Development (CPD), continuous learning rather than a two-day refresher course. This can include a range of learning activities such as instructor led or through remote learning systems such as ‘e’ learning. This type of learning may be completed at home or in the place of work so allows a more flexible approach. It will be the responsibility of the individual to record the CPD and the DVSA expects each MOT Tester to complete a ‘minimum’ of 16 hours over a rolling five-year period, with no less than 3 hours in any one year.

The DVSA will release the criteria which the CPD will be based on every year, don’t expect ‘flower arranging’ to be listed in the DVSA criteria. The DVSA will review the learning of the CPD through the testing of the MOT Testers’ knowledge at the appropriate time, typically the anniversary of the individual becoming an MOT Tester. DVSA will also review MOT Tester CPD records during their periodic inspection of MOT Testing stations.


MOT Manager

After September 2016, all new MOT Managers must achieve the ‘new’ MOT Manager qualification. Similar to the MOT Tester qualification, this will be delivered through the various approved training providers such as a local college, a trade association or an employer, removing the need for DVSA to deliver the training and assessment. Again, the awarding organisations will engage with the MOT trade to ensure that the content, the knowledge and skills learnt are those needed by the individual. This MOT Manager qualification will be delivered in a ‘minimum’ of 16 hours. Note this is a minimum and not a maximum. At present there is no requirement for a MOT Manager to engage with CPD (updating knowledge and skills) although this is typically carried out as part of the individual’s job role.


Less red tape

This change in delivery outside of the DVSA will allow the MOT trade flexibility to develop their staff to become MOT Testers and Managers. It will also allow aspirant MOT Testers and managers to achieve the various qualifications without the need to contact DVSA, as the nomination will be after the achievement of the qualification. This will allow engagement with individuals that are looking to become involved with MOT’s who are not currently employed by a Testing Station.

Previously, the cost of the training and assessment was absorbed by the DVSA via the cost of the MOT ‘slot fee’. The individual will bear any costs associated with achieving the applicable qualification. As the new qualifications can be delivered through different models an exact cost cannot be quoted. The different training providers will be able to provide a cost when the qualification content becomes available in the next few months.



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