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New emissions analyser designed to speed up MOT Testing


The new Sun DGA6000 LINK has been designed to make your MOT testing process fast and reliable, plus
a new health check feature highlights where you could make additional revenue from repairing vehicle faults. The equipment provides a complete OBD health check report for customers, detailing any current or pending issues with the vehicle, that can be used to get approvals for additional repairs.

The DGA6000 LINK is approved for the new timesaving connected emissions regulation and allows the Snap- on supplied decelerometer to connect to the MOT testing service directly. The equipment incorporates a computer with Windows 10 operating system, Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, portable wireless petrol and diesel emissions modules, enhanced user interface that guides you through the test, 27” widescreen display, quick links to your automotive information system and new Wi-Fi oil temperature device for pre-OBD vehicles.

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