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New slim inspection lamp lights up narrow spaces – RIL3800HP MAGflex Slim


Ring, the automotive aftermarket and workshop lighting expert, has launched a new slim line inspection lamp to help technicians get light into even the narrowest gaps in the engine bay.

The RIL3800HP MAGflex Slim is just 15mm thick, meaning that it can get light into even the hardest to reach spots, as well as providing broad illumination for the entire engine bay. The latest addition to the award‐winning MAGflex range, it features chip‐on‐board (COB) 3W LEDs that emit up to 250 lumens, ideal for providing light in dark work areas. The lamp’s white colour temperature – 6000K – provides a comfortable working light for technicians, and it includes a torch for a focused beam, making it ideal for detailed work. The MAGflex Slim also has a magnet for hands‐free use, and a 180° ratchet to position light where you need it. It is rechargeable and cordless, with an operating time of up to five hours.

Jim Gross, Workshop Lighting Product Manager, comments, “The MAGflex Slim solves one of the technician’s most common problems: how to get light into a narrow space in the engine bay. We’ve combined high lumen output and a narrow design to create an inspection lamp that gives excellent general illumination, as well as the ability to get light into the hardest to reach spots. As with all our inspection lamps, we’ve designed it with the professional in mind. So as well as providing exceptional illumination, it is lightweight, comfortable to hold, tough enough to withstand knocks and drops and comes with a 180° ratchet and magnet for hands‐free use.”

For technicians, it’s essential that workshop equipment is resilient enough to be used all day, every day, in a demanding garage environment. Therefore, Ring extensively tests all its products in its on‐site ISO:9001‐accredited Quality Assurance facilities, to ensure that they perform to the high standard needed by its customers.

To find out more about the MAGflex Slim, visit or follow @RingAutomotive.

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