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Opus IVS 360 Case Study


Opus IVS 360 OEM-trained Master Technicians help a customer with a BMW fitted with a M57TU engine and automatic transmission, suffering from a blocked DPF.

The Opus IVS team provide live repair guidance to workshops globally. The team helps technicians establish the fastest, most reliable, and accurate diagnosis, and take them through the process step-by-step, all the way through to vehicle repair. Ultimately, workshops have access to a team of ‘behind the scenes’ OEM brand-specific technicians that they can rely on daily to provide the actual fix.

The IVS 360 team often see multiple cases of the same nature. This is particularly true of BMW vehicles fitted with the M57TU engine and automatic transmission, which results in a blocked DPF.


• DPF will not regenerate


• Engine over-cooling, even after fitting main and EGR thermostats

The Fix

• Retrofit an additional thermostat

BMW cars fitted with the M57TU engine and automatic transmission often suffer from a blocked DPF. Here’s a typical scenario:

Diagnosis has been carried out and during a test drive you have noticed that the engine fails to reach over 68 oC (approximate). When left to idle, the engine temperature can be seen to increase. This indicates a thermostat is sticking open. The normal repair of replacing the main engine cooling thermostat and EGR cooler thermostat has been carried out and a test drive has been undertaken to test the operation of the cooling system. However, once again, the engine temperature fails to exceed 68 oC (approximate).

The cause can be the automatic transmission oil cooler thermostat stuck open. A test to prove this would be to clamp off the pipe between the cooling system and the automatic transmission oil cooler then repeating the test drive. The automatic transmission oil cooler thermostat is not available separately from the cooler, however there is a work around. You can purchase an inline thermostat that is available from the VAG group or many of the main aftermarket parts retailers, Part number 4e0121113.

For more information about IVS 360 and how it can support your workshop, visit

Opus IVS helps independent automotive workshops repair the most complex vehicles fast with diagnostics, programming and live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians. As vehicles become technologically advanced, we enable independent automotive workshops to get them back on the road safely. Powered by Autologic, Opus IVS is committed to helping workshops complete repairs with intelligent vehicle support today, for a safer world tomorrow.


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