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Passthru and security gateways

By autotech-nath on March 15, 2020


Diagnostic health checks

For those who have invested in equipment, it may seem like obvious advice to get the most from it, but some are still not fully aware of the commercial benefits presented by diagnostic equipment. The System Overview provided by ESI[tronic] 2.0 provides a list of all ECU systems that are communicating in the vehicle, acting as a complete vehicle diagnostic check. This report can be downloaded and given to a customer, demonstrating either what the fault was, other service requirements, or the health of the vehicle once it has been fixed.

Software updates

The new generation of KTS provide PassThru services, enabling a KTS unit to install and update a car’s software – typically the realm of a dealer. A garage no longer needs to purchase several OEM PassThru hardware solutions to cover the range of cars that they are likely to work on.

Online mode provides additional features, saves space & cuts installation time

Since 2018, ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online has been available to current subscribers of the Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 software. By using the new diagnostic download manager (DDM), workshops can opt for a quick and space-saving installation while using the online features of individual programme components and data. In this case, only ECU diagnosis and individual spare parts catalogues are stored locally on the workshop computer’s hard disk. Additional information, such as troubleshooting instructions and manuals, maintenance information, circuit diagrams, Technical Service Bulletins and Experience Based Repair can now be used online.

This not only saves disk space, but also significantly reduces the installation time. Data and information types for online access are available very quickly.

Users can use the free text search of ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online to access any relevant information in the same way as using an online search engine. For example, the search terms can include specific symptoms, a certain error, or specific vehicle components. As soon as the user enters the first letter of the term they are searching for, matching search terms are suggested. Once the search term has been found, the search results are listed according to their relevance and are displayed with short summaries.

The Computer Aided Services programme connecting troubleshooting instructions and diagnostic functions can now be used fully in online mode. This ensures that workshops always access up-to-date information. Information on new vehicles, for example, is included in the online version of the workshop software within a few months of the vehicle’s market launch.

Safe diagnostic access on Fiat vehicles

From September 2020, all new vehicle models in Europe will be required to feature safe diagnostic access and vehicle manufacturers are developing ‘security gateways’ via the OBD socket. Once in place, only authorised repairers can perform a complete vehicle diagnosis. The FCA group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) is already equipping its vehicles with security gateways. In order to continue providing ESI[tronic] 2.0 users with complete diagnostic access to Fiat vehicles, safety certificates are exchanged via an internet connection during the vehicle diagnosis. With this connection, ESI[tronic] 2.0 users are granted access to the vehicle. Workshops willing to use this function need to use diagnostic testers of the latest KTS generation: KTS 560, KTS 590, KTS 350 or KTS 250. ESI[tronic] 2.0 subscribers will receive the required software patches via regular updates.

Technical support

The Bosch Automotive team employs more than 350 software developers around the world, working on new diagnostic systems coverage and enhancements for the 180 vehicle brands that are covered by ESI[tronic] 2.0.

Bosch’s UK-based technical support helpline for technicians using Bosch equipment provide help with hardware or software installation queries and technical vehicle problems. In many cases, a quick call to the technical hotline can give the required solution or the issue can be raised on its online portal. This is a direct link to Bosch’s ESI[tronic] service team who look into the suggestions and requests, and investigate any outstanding errors or faults found with the tool.

Those purchasing a new KTS (350, 560 or 590) are entitled to a one-day user course (for 1 person) within 3 months from date of purchase, covering the basic operations of the KTS and ESI[tronic] software. For those looking for more in-depth knowledge of diagnostics, the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Programme, at the Bosch Service Training Centre and several regional venues, is designed to give a comprehensive grounding in diagnosing faults across a range of systems.



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