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Philips Xperion 6000 work light range expands with three new flood lights

By autotech-nic on January 23, 2023

Created in consultation with a group of mechanics, three new Philips Xperion 6000 flood lights bring unique functions and high-performance LED illumination to the workshop market, complementing the handhelds in the Xperion 6000 range, which includes the award-winning 6000 Slim and 6000 UV Pillar.
The professional Philips Flood, Flood Audio, and Flood Mini work lights help mechanics and auto professionals see almost anywhere and offer the durability, flexibility, and battery lifetime expected from professional grade equipment, together with an innovative smart-zoom function.

See where others can’t, with brighter, smarter illumination

Whether lighting up a work site, temporarily replacing a wall lamp, or illuminating outdoor activities, the Philips Xperion 6000 Flood and Flood Audio lights are perfect for illuminating large, dark areas. Delivering an impressive 1000 lumens from just 10 Watts of power, their consistently bright light spreads in a wide beam. If less light and longer battery life are needed, it’s easy to dim the lamp to just 100-lumens. The Philips Xperion 6000 Flood Mini offers a more compact way to get the job done and delivers an impressive 500 lumens with the same adjustable beam as the Flood.

From wide angle to narrow beam – Xperion 6000 Floods deliver

Every Philips Xperion 6000 Flood light offers a variable beam: a wide-angle homogeneous beam for illuminating large areas, and a focused beam that concentrates illumination within small areas providing superior contrast and brightness that are ideal for detailed inspections.
“We worked closely with mechanics to design the beam adjustment mechanism from wide flood to focused illumination. Our collaboration resulted in an ergonomic smart-zoom knob that makes it easy to adjust the beam, even with gloves on,” said Pascal Charvat, EMEA Product Manager for Work Lights at Lumileds. “Our smart-zoom feature is unique to the Philips Xperion 6000 Flood lights.” Positioned on the side of the lamp, the rotatable smart-zoom knob is always within reach, meaning you don’t have to move the lamp from its mounted position.

In addition, the smart light remembers a user’s last setting and restarts at the desired intensity.

Work smart, work hands-free

Hands-free operation offers the ability to focus on the immediate task without having to put work down to make an adjustment to the light.
The Philips Xperion Flood or Flood Audio, can be remotely power on or off by simply waving a hand and, thanks to a smart motion-detection function, the light will respond. The motion sensor only responds to a specific double-wave gesture and ignores unintended movements.
The smart handle on the Philips Xperion Flood lights can be used as a support to hold the light up by itself, as a hook to hang the light from, screwed onto a tripod, or attached to any metal surface with its integrated magnets. This versatility allows automotive professionals to position the light easily and at the right angle, directing the beam exactly where it’s needed.

Versatile and Innovative – use as a power bank, or to listen to your favourite music!

The Philips Xperion 6000 Flood and Flood Audio projectors can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices, such as a phone. Simply plug the device into the USB port on the back of the lamp, and it will begin charging.
Work to music by wirelessly connecting a phone or media player via Bluetooth to the Philips Xperion Flood Audio. With its integrated speakers, play music loudly and clearly in the workshop.

And thanks to its compact, lightweight design, the Philips Xperion 6000 Flood Mini is the perfect portable, rechargeable light that stores easily in a glove box.


When professionals are busy working, it’s easy to drop and damage equipment. That’s why they choose tools that are robust.
Designed to handle tough work environments, Philips Xperion 6000 Flood lights are built to last with IK07 shock resistance, IP65 water resistance (IP55 for the Philips Xperion Flood Audio), and a surface coating that withstands chemicals and workshop solvents. “These lights are really designed to last,” explains Lumileds’ UK and Eire Automotive Country Manager, Richard Armstrong, “because we know that even in the steadiest hands, the shop is a rough and tumble space.”

The Philips Xperion 6000 range now includes 8 professional work lamps and 2 smart accessories for everyday use.

Catch the video of The Garage Inspector, Andy Savva, giving an overview of the new Floods

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