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Polish up this Christmas


Power Maxed Gift Packs could make the perfect gift this Christmas for car-cleaning enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in the British Touring Car Championships, as the packs consist of five popular products from the Automotive Brands range.

Earlier this year, the firm bought Power Maxed Racing, who raced two Chevrolet Cruze driven by Josh Cook and Dave Newsham. Power Maxed Racing had a successful end to the 2015 season with Josh Cook winning the Jack Sears Trophy.

The concentrated formulas offer great value for money – the 100ml bottle of Traffic Film Remover for instance, will make five litres of product.

Each pack includes a Microfibre Cloth and 25ml sachet of shampoo and Ultra Wax. You also get Traffic Film Remover, Jet Wash & Wax, Snow Foam, Alloy Wheel Cleaner and Tyre Dressing.

The team are so confident in their products that if you find a similar product that performs better, they will give you your money back.

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