Powerful online battery lookup from Yuasa

Yuasa has upgraded its online battery lookup system, enabling you to look up the correct battery type more quickly with a photo number plate lookup feature and access product upgrades and live technical support.
Designed to help mechanics and technicians save valuable time and money, the system is free to use and can be accessed online at fit.yuasa.co.uk or by pushing a Yuasa USB Smart Button.
Users can find the right starter or auxiliary battery for all vehicles by simply taking a photograph of the registration plate on their device and the system uses automatic number plate recognition to identify the vehicle and find the correct battery. Registration or VIN numbers can also be manually entered – standard fit, upgrade and upgrade plus options are then provided.
The system, already used by over 80,000 mechanics and technicians, also features a rapid make/model search, a comprehensive battery cross reference search and advanced browse battery function.
James Douglas, marketing executive at Yuasa says: “Our brand new online battery lookup system is far more than just a battery finder. Along with having the widest coverage and greatest accuracy, we have developed lots of exciting advanced new features including photo number plate lookup and live technical support which allows users to chat to members of our technical team in real-time whilst on the site.”
Yuasa’s new system displays a host of vital information such as battery type, fitting time and battery location, users can also access detailed fitting instructions and battery information if required.
For vehicles with advanced technology such as Start-Stop, the replacement battery must be the same specification as the OE battery, so the correct option will be displayed. For standard ignition vehicles, the system will present Yuasa’s good, better and best options with the corresponding features and benefits – a useful tool for upselling.
Try the system HERE

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