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Precise & easy steering does not have to be expensive


Premium hydraulic hoses at AIC Germany

With the invention of power steering, drivers have it much easier these days. The hydraulic pressure in the steering system allows the driver to steer more precisely and easily.

Thanks to the hydraulic and electric assistance, the steering can be moved quite easily. In the past, however, this was only possible with a great deal of effort. This is because the entire control system of a modern passenger car with power steering is structured completely differently than was the case with old models “without” it. Today, even modern driving assistance systems and control units allow for a more precise adjustment of the steering according to the driver’s preferences.

Automotive spare parts specialist and dynamic problem solver AIC Germany from Hamburg, Germany, has taken a closer look at the market for hydraulic hoses in order to be able to offer the aftermarket a wide selection at fair prices and premium quality at the same time.

Wear and tear

Vehicles today are generally much heavier and the tyres wider, which makes it very difficult to swerve quickly and safely in sudden dangerous situations without power assistance. However, the hydraulic lines and hoses in the power steering system are under great stress. The servo oil or hydraulic fluid is pumped into the steering hoses by the servo pump. With the help of the pump, a hydraulic pressure of 60 bar and more is generated and the oil pressure to the steering gear is built up. Because wherever there is high pressure, a defect can quickly occur. In addition, friction and high temperature fluctuations promote wear, especially at the compression points, and lead to leaks and line breaks. The result: oil leaks out and the filling level for the hydraulic fluid becomes lower than normal. If there is a lack of oil, the oil foams up, interruptions in the steering assistance follow and chips are produced. This leads to damage in the entire steering system and is associated with high consequential costs.

If the driver has problems steering and the steering becomes more sluggish, it is already a sign of a defect in the steering system. If this is detected, there is no time to lose, visit a workshop and go troubleshooting. After all, the power steering system is supposed to allow you to swerve quickly in dangerous situations. Moreover, leaking fluid is not only dangerous for other road users, but also for the environment. Escaping oil can get into the soil and harm other organisms.

If a defect is detected, the hydraulic hose should always be replaced by a specialist.
Here, AIC Germany offers the largest range of hydraulic lines in the aftermarket suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Just take a look at the spare parts catalogue or ask your trusted wholesaler. You will definitely find what you are looking for here.


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