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Primalec’s new air conditioning refrigerant analyser


A new refrigerant analyser is now available in the UK to provide accurate identification of air conditioning refrigerant each time a garage services a system.

Neutronics Legend uses 3rd Generation refrigerant analysis technology to help technicians diagnose and correct poor cooling performance, enhancing the quality of their work. Not only will this give them a competitive edge, it can also prevent cross contamination in cylinders and protect valuable A/C service equipment.

Many new refrigerants, including HFO types, are less stable and more sensitive to impurities than their predecessors. Their ability to break down faster in the atmosphere can make them more prone to break down inside the AC&R system; R1234yf, used in most new vehicles, is no exception. 

Since its introduction, vehicle manufacturers have developed new technical standards for mobile A/C service, which include a requirement to verify the purity of the HFO-1234 refrigerant in the system prior to recovery.

It is certified to the SAE J2912 standard which applies to refrigerant identification equipment to be used for identifying refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) and HFO-1234yf (R-1234yf) refrigerant when servicing a mobile A/C system or for identifying refrigerant in a container to be used to charge a mobile A/C system.

Richard Doran, Primalec Director, said: “Legend will help protect air conditioning machines, customers’ vehicles and refrigerants. Shortages and higher prices for R134a have led to unauthorised blends being used that could compromise your equipment and refrigerant stock making accurate diagnosis imperative. Legend is simple to use and gives a quick analysis of refrigerant content with tests being able to be carried out in just three to four minutes.”

Legend, which has a colour display, comes with everything auto technicians need to carry out refrigeration tests, including hoses, and has a built-in database of five refrigerants. The hand-held tool gives a percentage reading of refrigerants and air to give a pass/fail result to comply with the SAE J2912 standard and instructions are in a number of languages including English, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Kent-based Primalec, founded in 1979, is a leading specialist producer and supplier of leak testing and control solutions to vehicle OEMs, aftermarket wholesalers and service operators in the automotive, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. It supplies some of the biggest names in the automotive and other major industries including Aston Martin, JCB and Caterpillar Group and exports to 36 countries worldwide.

Primalec will be exhibiting its market-leading products at Automechanika UK at Birmingham’s NEC on June 4-6 on stand T150 and will also host a technical session at the show on Wednesday, June 5 at 12.30pm in the Workshop Training Hub.

PHONE: +44 (0)1622 816955




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