Product Test: Denso’s e-Videns vehicle health check tool


Denso has designed a vehicle inspection tool to help independent workshops provide their customers with a dealer-level experience – guiding the technician through a driver interview, system scanning, health check and comprehensive vehicle inspection. A professional and customised report can then be emailed or printed for the customer.

The tool also has the option to perform service interval and diagnostic trouble code resets, eliminating the need to switch to diagnostic equipment. It scans all available systems for error codes and monitors live engine data under various operating conditions. This information is then compared with reference data within the DENSO cloud to help technicians identify abnormalities and pre-empt potential issues. 

e-Videns was created to help independent garages work on a level-playing field with main franchised workshops and to promote a much closer relationship between motorists and technicians, building trust through greater transparency of the vehicle inspection process. The tool invites the motorist to be part of this process with a driver interview and can enhance the likelihood of a swift approval for required and advised work. 


Edward Grigg at Swanley Garage has been using e-Videns since July, here’s what he thinks: 

“I found the Denso machine very easy to operate but at some points a little long-winded. Perhaps the developers could provide an option to customise the walk around list to suit individual requirements.” 

+ “I liked being able to upload photos to the report sheet. This enabled me to easily show customers various faults on their cars.” 

“I found the vehicle coverage to be good, but unfortunately didn’t cover every car that I tried.” 

+ “It was quite handy that you could write a report sheet, clear fault codes and reset service lights with one tool, at the same time.” 

+ “The tool produces a very professional report sheet. I think the tool is aimed at garages wanting to give the main dealer experience. I think it would particularly suit a specialist, especially a business that focusses on premium brands.” 

“I found it difficult to justify using it during busy periods but if I had a customer I wanted to impress or go the extra mile for, I found myself wanting to use it.”


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