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Pushing the envelope

By autotech-nath on November 1, 2022

autotechnician talks to Andy Brooke, Managing Director of Wrexham-based Maverick Diagnostics, to find out how they are supporting workshops who want to future- proof their diagnostics.

“We are the only company in the UK that currently offers an end-to-end solution for OEM diagnostics for the life of the tool. We not only help workshops register, but we also check out their prerequisites before registering with the OEM. We have a real inside track to this because I work with UK AFCAR and the IAAF in an advisory capacity, providing feedback when we have problems with manufacturers. If you are an independent workshop who wants to work with OE tools, we can advise you on what manufacturers are going to be possible and what ones are going to be possible in the future. We’re trying to futureproof your workshop, to ensure that you’re going to earn money into the future and we’re going to make sure you’re fully supported.

“Aftermarket tools are all well and good – I have been developing and designing aftermarket tools for many years and I still do; we have some tools that will come out through Maverick next year. We understand the reverse engineering side of the tools, but here’s the problem – you can’t currently keep up, by the time you’ve reversed engineered that tool it
is out of date. The manufacturers change the tool protocols and add new chassis numbers to it every single day. So realistically, the very best aftermarket tool will not have security access, particularly after August 1st 2023, because that’s when SERMI comes in” [a scheme for accreditation, approval and authorization to access security-related repair and maintenance information].

Could remote diagnostics be the answer?

“If you read the manufacturer’s prerequisites, it says that you cannot carry out remote diagnosis. It’s actually illegal because you are, by security terms, not the technician who is working on the vehicle. So realistically, what they want you to do, what they’re going to try and force through SERMI, is to have everybody with their own OE tool and they’re own OE login. So, unfortunately, it does push the future into OE, which is actually ten times more complex than using an aftermarket tool. This then pushes the market into specialisation. This is something we’ve realised for a number of years, but we have an end-to-end solution to help those customers that want to move down that route, and Maverick has got a proven track record that’s been going for 23 years this year.

What dealer tools do you supply?

“Pretty much all of them, there’s really nothing we do not cover. Some of them are really affordable; the average cost
of the majority of them is between three/three and a half thousand pounds and that includes your registration set-up and an OE tablet. Unfortunately, ones like Renault, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai have nailed it down, so you have to pay around seven and a half/eight grand for a kit.

Can you tell us about TechSuite?

“When you have an OE tool, if you’re in the dealership, you have somebody there who can support your IT. When it needs an update, a lot of the time, it actually just stops working. Now it may take you four or five hours to reload and upload that system. It’s not a small programme, it could be 100 gig of files on there. We charge a small monthly fee, and we’ll do however many is needed a month on that tool, which saves the workshop a lot of time. We also provide dealer tool support as well as technical support. We also have online training, and we recently opened our Automotive Training Academy.”

The Maverick Automotive Training Academy in Wrexham delivers a suite of IMI Hybrid & EV courses from levels one to four and will also provide OE training courses in the near future. Visit for more information.

Technical support & training

For less than £6.50 a day, TechSuite provides access to tailored support packages – 70 live Master Technicians, training, dealer tool support & IT support.

The Maverick Diagnostics Vehicle Technical Support (VTS) ticketed system includes unlimited use of an online portal detailing known fixes; OEM Tool Software Support with Maverick Help Desk and a suite of 26 e-learning courses recognised by the IMI. Within the Maverick Academy Online, you’ll also find skills tests to motivate and guide student learning.

Maverick’s new Autotmotive Training Academy in Wrexham provides
Hybrid & EV courses
Level one to four.

A tool to take on Tesla!

Maverick boasts that it has just introduced the world’s first full OEM level Tesla diagnostic tool, enabling the diagnostics, repair and configuration of Tesla vehicles. A 2-day remote training course is provided with this kit.

LOKI provides Live Data from CAN, will read & clear alerts, self-test & calibrate. It comes with free regular software updates to stay up-to-date with the latest Tesla version. Free technical support and the latest information is supplied via a Telegram support group.



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