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Recalibration vital after alignment


As of 2016, new vehicles need to have at least two Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS, to achieve the top 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating – autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning. Following a road accident, windscreen replacement or any repair/maintenance that could affect vehicle geometry, the systems require specialist equipment to recalibrate the cameras and radars that ensure these ADAS systems work correctly. 

Hella Gutmann Solutions is an aftermarket leader in ADAS technology, with many high-profile businesses, including Thatcham Research, Autoglass, National Windscreens and many large bodyshop groups using the Hella Gutmann Solutions CSC (Camera and Sensor Calibration) tool in combination with its mega macs diagnostics equipment, to meet this safety critical requirement. 

HGS says workshops should be cautious when servicing a vehicle with ADAS, as something as commonplace as adjustment to the vehicle’s steering geometry or wheel alignment, as well as coil spring or steering component replacement, will require the system to be recalibrated to ensure the ADAS technology is fully functioning to the manufacturer’s original specification. 

With the growth of vehicles with ADAS fitted as standard, recalibrating after a service or repair should begin to become standard practice. Head of Business Development, Neil Hilton, explains: “Fitting centres and workshops need to understand just how important recalibration is. As drivers depend on ADAS technology for their safety and that of other road users, they should be able to trust the people working on their car to recalibrate the systems and do so accurately. If the cameras and radars used for ADAS are even marginally misaligned it would certainly impact the systems, which can easily cause danger on the roads. 

“It is therefore imperative that they carry out the recalibration process to ensure not only the safety of those on the road, but the reputation and credibility of their businesses.” 

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