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Replacing the rear brake discs and pads of a Hyundai i40


This video from Blue Print demonstrates the steps required to change the rear brake discs and pads of a Hyundai i40. Unlike most disc and pad changes, this process requires input from suitable diagnostic equipment as the i40 has an Electric Parking Brake or EPB.

Using quality components is clearly important when replacing braking items, to ensure the safety of the vehicle and those around you, and to avoid excessive wear between service intervals. Blue Print highlights that to be competitive, some manufacturers cut their production and distribution costs by reducing the quantity and quality of materials used during manufacture, which can have a detrimental effect on brake efficiency.

This can lead to more problems down the road with drivers experiencing issues such as brake judder. A major cause of brake judder is Disc Thickness Variation (DTV), which is commonly misdiagnosed as ‘warped’ discs. This occurs when the brake disc becomes worn in a single area of the disc’s surface and is often caused by excessive run-out.

Blue Print supplies an extensive range of over 6,694 braking components, including discs, pads and sensors. All parts are researched, specified and manufactured to be OE matching replacements in accordance with ECE-R90 regulations, and a ‘Three year unlimited mileage warranty’ against manufacturing defects guarantees quality is provided.

Blue Print has strong coverage of Asian, American and British vehicles, with fitting kits available within the range for parts such as brake shoes.

An extensive range of brake discs, includes high-carbon discs, with high resistance to wear to ensure long service life. More than 370 components for wheel cylinders are also available.

You can find the complete overview of Blue Print Braking components at:

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