Skim discs in-situ


The Pro-Cut On-Car Brake Lathe extends the life of brake pads – saving customer’s money and presenting workshops with a new revenue opportunity. 

Tecalemit says that traditionally, during a brake service, the profit lies only in the service cost and any margin on the sale of new pads and discs but by using the lathe in suitable situations, the service cost is lowered while the profit margin for the garage is increased. 

The service should be offered when pads need changing as the Pro-Cut On-Car Brake Lathe gives the discs a light skim, removing corrosion in the process. The ability to skim without removing the disc ensures that the skimmed disc is correctly aligned to the hub, eliminating vibration. No bedding-in period is required, and any squeaking or squealing will have gone. Heat degradation is also reduced on the skimmed discs so the components will last longer. 

Tecalemit says it takes about 9 minutes per hub and in addition to the profit generated it gives a commercial advantage over competitors whose only option is disc replacement. The product does not compete with the market for new discs, but is a complementary service. 


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