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Snap-On releases free APOLLO-D8 training modules


Snap-on has released a series of free online training modules to help technicians make the most of their new APOLLO-D8 scan tool.

The videos provide an in-depth look at how to make the most of APOLLO-D8 and get the best out of its various features, including Intelligent Diagnostics which saves users time by guiding them directly to the fix and eliminating guesswork.

Broken down into different subjects and categories, the videos consist of advice and screenshots along with comment and guidance from Snap-on’s team of diagnostic experts.

Available all day, every day, they are geared towards helping APOLLO-D8 users make their investment work best for them.

The full range of APOLLO-D8 training modules covers:

  • Controls and Basic Setup Instructions
  • Vehicle Identification and Code Operations
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Scanner Data PID View
  • Scanner Data Graphing View
  • Functional Tests
  • Fast-Track Troubleshooter
  • Global OBD-II
  • Quick Lookups
  • Previous Vehicles and Saved Data
  • Vehicle System Scan

The training modules are accompanied by Snap-on’s series of Diagnostic Quick Tips features.

These videos are based on real case studies and show how to apply diagnostics to specific vehicles and applications through short demonstrations of diagnostic tools to solve common problems.

See the full list of APOLLO-D8 training and quick tips videos.

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