Tablet driven ATL

Automated Test Lanes, ATLs, are increasingly popular, allowing fast and efficient testing using just one technician rather than the two required in a standard MOT bay. The complete package includes a vehicle lift, emissions analyser, brake tester, headlight beam tester, jacking beam and play detectors, and the latest Sun version from Snap-on goes even further with the introduction of rear slip plates and a tablet computer – making the whole system wirelessly-operated and even easier for just one person to work with.
The tablet shows live readings and connects to the DVSA’s web-based system so individual results can be entered immediately – all without having to leave the vehicle. It also drives the brake and emissions tests and provides the user with instant access to the pass/fail guidelines.
Minimal training is required as it runs on familiar Windows-based software and tests can be performed either manually or in fully automatic mode. Results can be sent from the tablet to a printer wirelessly and can store individual customer vehicle details, data and test results for future reference.
When not being used for testing, the Sun ATL can be used for wheel alignment work. Because it comes equipped with play detectors, the addition of a separate wheel aligner means that alignment checks and repairs can be carried out and the lift can be constantly making money.



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