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The Apollo-D9 has landed

The APOLLO-D9 from Snap-on Diagnostics is designed to withstand the rigours of the workshop environment and features a four- way thumb pad for quick navigation, a 9″ colour touchscreen display, and 5 GHz wireless compatibility for more productivity in the garage.

Designed to help users get answers faster, experience-based software filters out unnecessary information. ’Intelligent Diagnostics’ on the APOLLO-D9 is said to simplify your workflow, with SureTrack delivering verified parts replacement records and ‘Real Fixes’ — along with Smart Data for relevant vehicle and code-specific PIDs, and access to prefiltered functional tests to verify repairs.

To reduce the amount of time switching back and forth between resources to find information you need, the tool offers advanced graphing features and OEM-level data, with up to eight live data parameters onscreen at a time.

Tool features

Quick Access Menu

Ability to switch quickly between functions at any time — without having to go back to the start of the process.

Code Scan and Code Clear

Fast code scans with a complete overview of the vehicle and its history for fast fault diagnosis and workflow organization; “Clear All Codes” lets you quickly finish the repair.

Pre and Post-Scan Capability

Faster approvals, histories, repairs, and payments — with reports (including specific ADAS calibration reports) that help you build customer confidence.

Product Support

The APOLLO-D9 comes with Snap-on Customer Care, plus 24/7 online training and support, online training, flexible financing, and exclusive access to the Snap-on Cloud, where you can save, sort, and share pre/post scan and ADAS calibration reports.

A subscription programme provides regularly scheduled software upgrades, and the ability to self-download these, and full access to the Intelligent Diagnostics features to ensure that your diagnostic tool continuously provides the most up-to-date data and information, whilst saving up to 30% on the software costs. Online training and support is available at

You can discover what Snap-on Diagnostic tool suits you at Snap-on’s Tool Matcher,

Reader reviews

Colin Shea, owner of Wellesley Service Station in Clacton- on-Sea, invested in the APOLLO-D9 around two months
ago. He told AT: “We’ve always used Snap-on and it just does everything we need, it’s a brilliant bit of kit.” Colin and his team have found it very easy to use, so much so, that they felt they didn’t need to do the product training as they quickly learnt its functions on the job. “We’re quite involved in diagnostics, most days we’ll use it – we use the graphing a lot for the waveforms, resistances and so on. We’ve had to contact the support team a couple of times, but the helpline is fantastic.”

Colin says that the return on investment has been quickly realised, he explains: “We charge customers a diagnostic fee and it makes things so much easier. We normally charge customers £25 plus VAT and if they have the work done, we’ll deduct that from the price of the job.”They print out the fault codes and any initial findings, which they find a useful tool when explaining issues with the customer.

Chris Venni upgraded to the APOLLO-D9 from the SOLUS in the past month as he was interested in the guided fault-finding function. Chris told AT: “I’ve used the Intelligent Diagnostics on injector and airbag issues, DPF problems… So, the first thing I’d look at is the error code and when you go into that, you can see other people who have seen the same one and it provides quick things to check on that error code, such as a blocked injector, fuel pipe issue, a wiring issue, and it helps you quickly work out where the problem actually lies. I would say it has been accurate a good 95% of the time. It will give you a graph of the most common solved problems in that area – it does save a lot of time. I used to take around 45 minutes to do the same thing with the older machine, I’m now down to 15-20 minutes.”

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