New autotech quiz is now live!

The latest multiple-choice test to join the autotech library on considers the energy requirements of vehicles. With the rise in electrified vehicles, and the debate surrounding EV vs Hydrogen, Andy Crook thought it was about time we all revisited our physics knowledge, in particular, the power and energy requirements of a similar vehicle. Say Watt?! Ready to get those neurons firing?

Register or log in at to access the latest assessment, which comprises 15 questions. Once finished, you will be presented with the correct answers, your score and explanations on each answer and topic. A copy of this information will also be emailed to you, for reference.

Here’s a teaser question to tickle your pickle…

Which of the following has the highest energy density?

a. Petrol
b. Natural gas
c. Lithium-ion battery

d. Hydrogen

Save the Date! Big Weekend returns to Warwick this autumn

autotechnician will bring a group of technicians, workshop owners, trainers and aftermarket suppliers together again this September to share ideas, inspire and have some fun whilst learning about emerging technology and new opportunities at Delphi Technologies’ training workshop in Warwick.

Job-useful, practical advice will be on the agenda for tackling the latest systems and vehicles, without forgetting the vital theory and knowledge of the fundamentals that underpin success. The event is designed for both technicians and workshop owners.


Visitors to autotechnician’s Ask the Expert’s lounge at the UK Garage & Bodyshop Event at Birmingham NEC June 8-9th will be able to meet experts and trainers presenting over the two days.

Head to the informal lounge area, Stand G36 – a stone’s throw away from the EV & Hybrid hub – and you can also try out autotech’s online assessments – both new and existing users who log in and take the new test, or another multiple choice quiz from the online resource on the stand, will be entered into a prize draw to win £200.

Speak to a member of the team to also find out more about the Big Weekend training event in Warwick, taking place Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September.

Both one & two-day subsidised tickets are available now at

Autotech – Flex your tech skills in 2022

Now in its sixth year, autotech has provided technicians with the means to assess their knowledge and diagnostic process using free, online assessments, and delivered technical information to address any shortfall within autotechnician magazine, online and digital media, at its live ‘Big Weekend’ training events and via its autotech online technical videos on YouTube.

An evolving bank of online assessments created by independent automotive trainers are available free of charge to technicians. Topics covered include: The Selective Catalytic Reduction system, Hybrid & EV technology, Testing electrical components,Oscilloscope use, Common sensors used in spark ignition engine management systems, LIN Bus, CAN Bus, as well as an ignition and diesel case study.

To access the existing bank of 14 tests, all you need to do is enter a few brief details about yourself at, we’ll verify your email address then you’re in! Simply log in if you have been previously registered.

The online test is completely confidential and you’ll receive your scores and correct answers to see the areas which you perhaps fell down on. Explanations of each answer are also provided. The online resource is refreshed regularly and will include questions for all levels of ability from those just entering the world of advanced repair to top techs.

Keep an eye out in the magazine and on social media for further incentives to take a quiz!

Can you crack the P0303 fault code?

Challenge your diagnostic process and system knowledge with our brand-new multiple choice autotech assessment available at The confidential assessment is presented as a case study, centring around the P0303 fault code. The questions are structured to reflect a real-life fault within the workshop and have been designed to examine your procedures, diagnostic tool use, in addition to your knowledge of gasoline direct injection systems and coil-on-plug ignition systems.

To access this new test, and a further 13, all you need to do is enter a few brief details about yourself at, we’ll verify your email address then you’re in! Or simply log in if you have been previously registered.

“ACtronics are pleased to be continuing our sponsorship with Autotech for 2022. As the market leaders in remanufacturing electronic automotive components, not only do we offer a first-class solution for garages, but we also support first class training and technical support for the automotive trade. It’s more important than ever for technicians to have access to world-class training and ACtronics are very happy to work alongside Autotech to provide this. It’s important that we all work together to futureproof garages ready for the changes ahead.”

“Blue Print and febi are thrilled to be sponsoring Autotech again in 2022. We understand the pressure on technicians to keep ahead of the ever-changing world of vehicle repairs and components. autotech allows us to share technical information directly with the best technicians in the industry, enabling them to stay one step ahead and continue to provide efficient professional repairs.”

“Delphi Technologies is delighted to have renewed its sponsorship of Autotech in 2022. As a pioneer of OE technology, we are in the perfect position to support technicians through the new challenges that they are facing. Whether it be the servicing of hybrid and electric vehicles or the calibration of ADAS components, Delphi Technologies offers the training, diagnostics, and technical support to guide technicians through the challenge.”

“Sponsoring Autotech is a perfect fit. JLM Lubricants’ products, including the pioneering DPF range and professional DPF cleaning toolkit, have been developed for the trade, are tested by the trade and supported with technical information and training via the JLM Academy plus the extensive suite of online training videos – created by mechanics working in a diagnostics’ driven environment. Contact Kalimex UK distributors of JLM products for anything JLM related, including technical questions and training.”

“VARTA Batteries are delighted to be sponsoring Autotech once again in 2022. VARTA the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer works closely with nearly all vehicle manufacturers to supply their batteries as original equipment. The very same batteries are delivered into the aftermarket, so when replacing the original battery with a VARTA, you can be sure it’s a like-for-like quality. The team at VARTA will be on- hand at Autotech’s Big Weekend later this year to discuss the latest developments in battery technology.”

autotechnician will bring a group of technicians, workshop owners, trainers and aftermarket suppliers together again this September to share ideas, inspire and have some fun whilst learning about emerging technology and new opportunities. Content will also be devoted to the fundamentals that underpin success.
If you would like to know as soon as the dates are confirmed and one & two-day subsidised tickets are available, simply email
autotechnician has created seven technical videos with the help of Andy Crook, Darren Darling, HEVRA’s Pete Melville, Matt Cleevely and autotech sponsors. These include presentations on scoping techniques, EV thermal management, ADAS recalibration, preparing for EV business, battery testing, wheel bearing replacement and DPF issues.
Search forautotechnician magazine on or visit the channel directly on

Test Your Knowledge Now!

The whole ethos behind autotech is to help technicians identify where they may be falling down in order to support them on their way up.

The autotech bank of free, confidential online assessments are a great way to test your knowledge on a wide range of systems and topics – all you need to do is enter a few brief details about yourself at registration, we’ll verify your email address then you have free access to the multiple-choice questions.

The latest Test 12, probes your knowledge on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle systems, other assessment subjects include: Testing electrical components, oscilloscope use, common sensors used in spark ignition engine management systems, LIN Bus, CAN Bus, as well as an ignition and diesel case study.

The online tests are completely confidential and you’ll receive your scores, correct answers and further information on the topic involved to help you identify any gaps in your knowledge. The bank of assessments is regularly refreshed and will include questions for all levels of ability from those just entering the world of advanced repair to top techs.

Log in, or register, today at:

Here’s a taster question from the latest assessment:

Q. What test is being carried out in this picture?

A. Insulation test between AC and ground

B. Insulation test between DC and ground

C. Insulation test between AC phases

D. Insulation test between DC phases.

Autotech 2021 Sponsors

Join us for our Big Weekend THIS November

Autotechnician will host its next Big Weekend event at Delphi Technologies’ training workshop in Warwick on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th November.

Unique content will be delivered each day by workshop owners, independent trainers and sponsors, providing insights into the latest technologies to enter the independent workshop – including Hybrid & EV and ADAS – as well as practical tips on diagnosing and repairing systems seen in the workshop every day.

One and two-day tickets will be available shortly, numbers will be limited, and tickets will be heavily subsidised by
our sponsors. Register your interest by emailing Nicola@ and you will be offered first dibs on tickets when they are released. Social distancing measures will be in place and tickets will be fully refunded if the event is unable to run due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Autotech’s Big Weekend 2020

Join us for a unique two-day training workshop at Chatham Dockyard in June 

Autotechnician will return to the Historic Dockyard in Chatham, Kent this summer with a team of independent repair experts and technical trainers, delivering practical advice on the diagnosis and repair of various systems. 

The event will run over two days on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th June, with groups taking in a mixture of classroom presentations, live fault finding scenarios and an exhibition/demonstration area. 

Tickets are strictly limited and heavily subsidised by sponsors. Day tickets, discounted two-day tickets, with options for evening meal and accommodation, are available now. Head to: to book your place online or email: 

IMI Members can claim up to 12 CPD points by attending the 2-day event.

Register your interest & shape Autotechnician’s Big Weekend in 2020

Autotechnician created Autotech four years ago to help our readers assess their knowledge and practical skills in diagnosing issues on various systems, through multiple choice assessments and online case studies. By providing free online assessments, along with completed score sheets and supporting training material, we hope to support technicians facing the many technical challenges involved in automotive repair today. 

Alongside the online benchmarking tools, we have hosted a Spring and Autumn Big Day Out training event each year, where delegates can work through live faults with the guidance of our talented trainers. These sessions have provided expert advice on tricky faults and passed on time-saving techniques to promote a first time-fix to hundreds of proactive technicians across the UK. They have also been an enjoyable day out of the workshop and a fantastic opportunity to chat with like-minded people and gain valuable contacts in the trade. 

NEW FOR 2020 

In 2020, we will again host a diagnostic training event in Spring, around the Midlands area, which will run in its current format. Live faults will be detangled throughout the Saturday session and our Big Day Out trainers will provide mini presentations on the theory that underpins the practical techniques, topped off with a little business advice. 

Next year, we are planning to evolve our Autumn Big Day Out into a two-day event, taking place on a Friday and Saturday. More intensive training will be delivered on the first day and will be followed by an informal dinner & drinks reception, so technicians can swap notes and catch up with the support network. Saturday’s schedule will be more relaxed and hands-on, with mini-workshops, demonstrations and competitive feature areas. 

We will be designing the content for these sessions around the needs of delegates, so please register your interest by emailing As ever, tickets will be subsidised by Autotech sponsors, so you can expect high-value training for a very reasonable investment. 

Seven online tests are available on the Autotechnician website – have you attempted them all? 

Log in or register to take the multiple-choice assessments and receive instant scores, plus explanations of the correct answers, visit: 





Test your networking knowledge with the Autotech assessments

We have now uploaded the final Autotech assessment of 2018 to devised by expert repairer and independent trainer Andy Crook of GotBoost. The networking quiz will enable you to test your knowledge of CAN Bus and your diagnostic test routine. If you have not already registered to take the Autotech tests, fill out the quick form and you’ll gain instant access. If you have previously registered, simply login and select Test 6.

The scene is set with the following scenario and your knowledge is assessed as the case study progresses and relevant data is captured:


– During your customer interview you have discovered some functions of the vehicle are operational while others are not. For example, it starts and drives, but the heater/aircon control panel is not illuminated and the heater fan is running at full speed.

– The customer fears he may have damaged the car beyond repair while trying to fit a dash cam.

– A global scan has discovered only 4 control units communicating and 3 of them contain faults.

– Engine ECU – 1 fault stored.

– ABS ECU – 3 faults stored.

– Steering Angle Sensor Module – 0 faults stored.

– Body Control Module – 1 fault stored.

The High-Speed CAN Bus Network is communicating with the scan tool, but the Medium Speed Bus  appears not to be reporting any modules at all. How can a technician easily find out what what modules are fitted within the vehicle networks?

There are 15 questions in total. Once you have completed the test, your confidential scores are emailed to you, along with explanations behind each right answer.

Autotech 2019 will be introduced in the Jan/Feb issue, providing you with more assessments and training events throughout the new year.


Can you get top scores on our free online tests?

Autotechnician has teamed up with trainer Andy Crook to provide free online tests throughout 2018 for independent technicians, to help identify any knowledge gaps and provide material to explain the topics covered.

Fill out a brief entry form at to receive your confidential log in and gain instant access to the library of free, online tests, covering ignition, hybrid & EV technology and various other systems.

The latest test takes the form of a diesel case study – following the process of identifying a real-world fault by deciding the next logical action after evaluating test results.

There are 15 multiple choice questions to challenge both your knowledge and diagnostic process surrounding an issue on a modern diesel vehicle.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the questions…

Q. The wiring diagram shows a typical throttle valve circuit, which pin is used for the position sensor signal?

  1. Pin 1
  2. Pin 2
  3. Pin 3
  4. Pin 4
  5. Pin 5 

    Being able to interpret wiring diagrams is an essential skill for the diagnostic technician. In this example:

  • Pin1 is the feedback position sensor 5 Volt reference supply from the ECU
  • Pin 2 is the feedback position sensor signal to the ECU
  • Pin 3 is the feedback position sensor ground path to theECU ground
  • Pins 4 & 5 are the motor control circuit.Log in or register at to take the tests and see how you get on. The highest scorers will be rewarded this autumn…


Test your technical knowledge now!

Online tests at assess diagnostic process

Autotechnician magazine has teamed up with GotBoost trainer Andy Crook to deliver online tests throughout 2018 to assess technical knowledge, process and diagnostic capabilities. The Autotech assessments have been created to help entrants identify any weak areas and address them in a confidential and fun format.

Once registered at, users have access to multiple choice tests, covering vehicle systems, theory and diagnostic scenarios. Once completed, score sheets marked with the correct answers are instantly emailed back to the participant, along with supporting learning material.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 18.18.49The first quiz of 2018 is now live, with more to follow in the coming months. Andy Crook remarks:

“Diagnostics should be about more than just reading codes, it should be about process and procedure. The first Autotech 2018 case study, where a spark ignition engine has a misfire code stored, is a good example of this.

“A vehicle has been presented with a P0300 fault code stored, it has been to another garage who has suggested that the coil, leads and plugs maybe the cause. The customer is asking you for a second opinion.

“Proving what is or isn’t the cause of the misfire, means using all the tools at the technician’s disposal, not just a code reader, to gather sufficient data to establish the cause and what needs to be done to ensure the fault has been rectified after the repair.”

Register or log in to take the case study at

Organisers will be making a note of high scorers as the Top 5 will have the chance to win cash prizes later in the year.

Can you get to the bottom of our online case study?

Autotechnician has teamed up with trainer Andy Crook to deliver online tests to assess technicians’ knowledge, process and diagnostic capabilities.

The first, available now at, is a spark ignition case study pitched at Level 3+. Andy says: “A spark ignition vehicle has been presented with a P0300 fault code stored, it has been to another garage who has suggested that the coil, leads and plugs maybe the cause. The customer is asking you for a second opinion.”

Further tests will be added in 2018, as part of Autotechnician’s ongoing Autotech campaign, providing independent workshops with free online assessments and supporting training material. Autotech 2018 will also involve a competitive element next year, and two training events will take place in May and October in the South East and Midlands/North respectively. Email if you would like to be among the first to hear event announcements.