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Chicago Pneumatic launches two new compact wrenches

First is the new ultra-lightweight ½” impact wrench – CP7732C – which is the new generation of the company’s best-selling ‘stubby’.

This high quality compact tool has an impressive power-to-weight ratio, is 30% lighter than its predecessor and has been designed in response to demand for smaller, lighter tools, that are easier to handle. The CP7732C weighs just 1 kg and is 112 mm in length, while still providing a maximum torque of 625 Nm in reverse. This is useful when working inside the vehicle and the engine bay where tight spaces restrict the movement of conventional tools. The wrench has an ergonomic, curved handle to reduce tension in the mechanic’s hand, has one-hand forward/reverse control and a new power setting system.

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Next is the new compact CP7737 angle impact wrench and delivers maximum torque in confined areas. The CP7737 3/8” and ½” angle impact wrench are capable of providing users with 300Nm of maximum torque in reverse and is just 240mm in length and 88mm in height. The molded composite and advanced ergonomics of the CP7737’s handle means it easily fits into the user’s hand. The unique positioning of the motor combined with a jumbo hammer and direct drive mechanism also means the new angle impact wrench is better balanced, robust and more efficient on the job. The impact wrench can be operated single-handedly with a full teasing trigger, giving great control to the operator.

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Both of these tools have been put through their paces by owner Phil Crafford and Ben Enter at Dream Automotive, Honda performance specialists in Watford.

The CP7737 Angle Impact Wrench proved a real time-saver as it was found to be suitable on areas with very limited access on the Honda Civic Type R (EP3).

Ben Enter says: “On these front wheel drive cars, the space available to work in when replacing the drive shaft bearings is very limited and usually requires a 14mm spanner, which can be time consuming. Yet the CP7737 fitted in the space making the task so much easier and efficient.”

“This tool suited many applications such as front engine mounts and torsion mounts on the ‘Dream Race Car’ that is being prepared for the April 8th VTEC Challenge at the Rockingham circuit.”

“The CP7732C compact pistol wrench came into its own on a CRX project car’s B18 turbo and downpipe, as it was easy to use with its teasing trigger and proved to be ideal for removing delicate Allen bolts to avoid striping the heads.”

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