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Many environmentally-friendly products are deeply compromised. So, how can using remanufactured rotating electrics be a win-win? Rob Marshall asks leading suppliers about how going green really can bolster support offered to aftermarket workshops.

Let us face facts: keeping customers satisfied is not easy and garages need help. Suppliers must not simply pump junk into the market, risking the return of a deeply unsatisfied customer. Then, they must be supplied quickly, thus minimising customer inconvenience. When there is a problem, decent technical back-up is essential. Then, there is the issue of cost to consider…

Making repair worthwhile…

Carwood reports that, as the cost-of-living concerns continue, there is an increasing need for garages to access a wide variety of high-quality, value-for-money parts – and swiftly. It reasons that remanufactured components are the answer, because they provide a genuine alternative to new parts but at a considerable price advantage.

Quality remanufacturers are experts in their fields and can offer detailed advice on particular technical problems, including diagnostics.

Carwood reasons that owners of cars, aged typically over thirteen years, are less prepared to stomach large repair bills, due to the relatively low residual values. Even so, there is a practical conflict between owners holding onto older cars for longer and OEMs discontinuing certain parts for models as soon as ten years pass from the end of production. Shaftec reports that, in certain cases, remanufacturing can be the only option to keep those older vehicles on the road. However, where stock is an issue, the company’s Reman and Return service is designed for more unusual requests, usually with a seven-day turnaround.

Autoelectro also bangs the quality drum hard and emphasises that a remanufactured part is not substandard. The starter motor and alternator specialist explains that it inspects and tests parts thoroughly to ensure they meet, or exceed, OE specifications, before testing the whole component to which they are fitted. It explains that it remanufactures OE parts only, because many copy components do not meet the same quality standards that it requires for its core. Autoelectro says that these points should reassure any garage about the quality and reliability of the remanufactured parts that it supplies. Yet, it reassures technicians too. As the time and effort needed to remove and refit starters and alternators has increased and become more involved, it reasons that technicians do not want to repeat the replacement exercise, all because a low-grade part has failed.

Due to its comprehensive testing programme, Autoelectro says that remanufactured starters and alternators meet, or exceed OE specification and quality, with a warranty to match. Like Carwood, it also highlights that remanufacturing offers savings over brand-new options and this cost reduction can be passed to the customer. As Karl Fisher Autos highlighted in our prior article, remanufacturing allows garages to give their customers options.

As Karl Fisher Autos explained with ACtronic’s diagnostic prowess, Autoelectro highlights that remanufacturers are specialists. Therefore, they possess a detailed technical understanding of not just the assemblies but also the individual components. OE parts counters and even motor factors may not be able to supply such highly detailed information and yet, remanufacturers can provide such technical support, if required. Autoelectro claims that its ability to strip, inspect and test exchange parts allows it to identify common faults across car ranges and the resultant knowledge can be passed to its garage customers.

Greta would approve…

Then, there are the environmental credentials. You might wish to ignore these as just feel-good bonuses but you would be wrong. With more businesses, notably corporate fleets and public sector companies, highlighting their green credentials to their stakeholders, many of them are seeking out partners with sustainable practices and values, including those that have the circular economy embedded in their working practices. Carwood reasons that, with remanufactured components using 70% fewer materials and 85% less energy than new parts, with no quality compromises, there is a compelling argument for ‘going reman’. Shaftec adds that remanufacturing gives life to parts that, otherwise, would end up in landfill sites. Autoelectro foresees legislation changing, where all businesses would be required to meet mandatory environmental targets, which means remanufacturing could become a vital lifeline to the aftermarket motor repair trade.

Shafttec highlights its dedicated Technical Support Line is on: 0844 257 1818 (9am – 5:30pm). Its website, www., features a Knowledge Hub, where a range of technical bulletins and support documents can be viewed and downloaded.

The technician’s role…

Remanufacturing would be impossible without high-quality ‘core’. These comprise failed units that are suitable for stripping and remanufacturing. Even these old parts have a financial worth way over their weigh-in value. Therefore, think that old components may be able to have a new life, beyond the scrap pile.

To help, many professional remanufacturers produce guidance for technicians, on what comprises acceptable criteria. Shaftec, for instance, specifies that driveshafts should be neither bent, nor snapped. Steering racks and pump castings should exhibit no damage and all plugs/sockets should be present. Brake callipers must also not have broken/ cracked castings and no intrinsic part should be broken off.

For these reasons, Carwood advises technicians to treat core as they would a new part. Striking it with a hard metal hammer, therefore, is inadvisable; you should reduce the chance of damaging the part, such as using incorrect tools/processes to remove it, wherever possible. While Carwood advises that you remove ancillary parts, such as sensors, adaptors and bolts, take care not to dismantle the component, even if it makes removal easier. The removed core must be stored safely, too. Any oil should be drained and the unit packaged securely, ready for dispatch. This explains why Carwood supplies dedicated boxes, designed in-house, to negate the risk of transport damage.

Autoelectro places specific technical notes with every remanufactured part. They advise technicians on common vehicle faults and how to inspect the core.

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