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EV battery health in a flash

Establishing EV battery health is one of the biggest barriers for professionals dealing with EVs. By teaming up with the Austrians, Maverick Diagnostics tells Rob Marshall that it has the answer.

One cannot ignore that EVs have been having a slightly hard time of late. From scuffles breaking out at charging stations to plunging residual values, customer confidence is starting to wobble. Perhaps a rocky road ahead is inevitable, as EVs move from early adopters to the mainstream consumer.

Maverick Diagnostics hopes to smoothen this journey with its latest partnership. Considering that the high-voltage battery pack represents at least half of the car’s value, we should be unsurprised that its State of Health is a primary concern not just for owners but also the motor trade. Second-hand dealers are worried especially about taking on an EV, in case it has an ‘abused’ battery – i.e. one that has been fast-charged continually, and/or stored with 100% State of Charge for long periods. Yet, there is no way to tell, until now.

The founder of Aviloo, Nikolaus Mayerhofer, demonstrates the hardware. The dongle plugs into the vehicle’s EOBD socket and transmits to a pre-installed mobile phone app. Maverick reports that fees are available for workshops
on application. Yet, the RRP for the workshop’s customer is £49 per Flash Test.

Aviloo, an Austrian battery diagnostic company, has created a product that it reckons will solve the problem. It states that the ‘Aviloo Premium’ is the only neutral, exact State of Health high-voltage battery test available. It works by a dongle being supplied to the customer, who charges the high-voltage battery fully and drives the car sufficiently to discharge it to a 10% charge level. The resultant algorithm that determines the remaining State of Health looks at the history of battery use, the cells’ performance and condition, temperature sensor measurements, the communication system, plus the 12-volts circuit’s integrity.

However, Aviloo realises that forecourt staff and technicians do not have the luxury of several days to run the EV’s battery down, unlike certain tech-savvy owners. By utilising the huge amounts of data created by five years of cars running its Premium Test (which collects over 100 samples per second), it has developed the quicker and more convenient Flash Test. By comparing all of this data from other vehicles with information taken from the test car’s EOBD port, it can produce a calculated battery health figure, the ‘Aviloo Score’, in just a few minutes.

Distributed in the UK by Wrexham-based Maverick Diagnostics (, Aviloo says that garages can benefit not just from sales of a battery assessment service but the system is also useful for diagnostic purposes. Obviously, this includes the main battery pack but the data can also indicate whether the current draw of a particular high-voltage component is normal, or not, and even if the charger is working properly.

While the lengthier Premium Test (RRP £99.00) provides a precise State of Health reading, the quicker and easier Flash Test gives a State of Health Score, which is calculated rather than measured. For more details, e-mail, or call 01978 594 013.

Prices of second-hand electric vehicles are set to massively reduce as corporate leases come to an end, according to new data from New AutoMotive. Companies now own around 475,000 electric cars, and 200,000 plug-in hybrids, most of which will be held for 2-4 years before being sold into the second-hand market for around 50% of the original value.

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