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Small parts that play a major role

We should not underestimate the importance that small parts play in ensuring operational reliability says MEYLE. A good example of small parts that have a major impact on the overall system are crankshaft sealing flanges used to protect the engine. MEYLE offers PTFE seal modules to fit over 2,000 different vehicle applications and come equipped with an integrated trigger wheel.

Sealing flange modules ensure an effective seal at the engine crankshaft. They are also used to capture the engine speed and crankshaft position, and to determine the injection and ignition point controlled by the engine timing unit. Using poor quality parts would result in early component wear – resulting in engine start issues, oil loss and odour emissions. MEYLE supplies crankshaft sealing flanges made from plastic, to provide superior wear resistance.

The Hamburg-based manufacturer supplies 16 different sealing flange modules designed to OE specifications to fit VAG models. They cater for over 2,000 vehicle applications, including the VW Crafter and Audi models A1 to A6. The ready-to-fit modules come pre-assembled and feature a dynamic and a static seal, as well as a trigger wheel.


The automotive specialist recommends that the sealing flange module be inspected and, if necessary, replaced during regular clutch checks. To prevent oil leaks, engine start issues or damage to the crankshaft, the following rules should be observed when performing repair work:

  • Ensure the crankshaft is not damaged and the mounting face is clean
  • Remove any mounting sleeves or transport locks immediately prior to the assembly of the part
  • Do not remove or rotate the trigger wheel
  • Do not use any mounting grease
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