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Bulbs offer profit boost this winter

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 18.29.35Bulb replacements are a routine part of any winter service but far from being just a low value service line, there are opportunities to be had from bulb sales this winter, says Ring Automotive.

Ring suggests a simple way to boost profits is by upgrading customers to high performance halogens. Upgrading is easy, requiring no wiring changes or time-consuming installation, and there is greater opportunity for profit on high-spec bulbs. High performance bulbs, such as the new Xenon150, also give clear benefits to drivers, providing more light on the road for safer night time driving.

Xenon150s come in H4 and H7 references and are said to give +150% brightness. The bright, white light they produce gives better reflection from signs and road markings, and the increased light on the road allows drivers to see hazards more quickly. Once converted to performance halogens, drivers tend not to go back to standard bulbs, meaning an opportunity for a repeat installation the next time the vehicle is in with a faulty bulb.


Another option is to offer High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb fitting. HIDs are becoming increasingly common, no longer restricted to premium cars and need replacing every three to five years – so the demand for them is growing. It’s a technical process that needs to be done by a professional, therefore presenting an opportunity for garages. However, they are still causing some controversy in the aftermarket, with many vehicle owners believing that they have to be fitted at a main dealership.

The start-up voltage can be hazardous, and this is what puts many technicians off. However, any perceived risk can be easily avoided if you follow four simple steps:

  1. Firstly, isolate the light circuit. Turn off the ignition and headlight switch. Isolate the headlamp circuit by removing the relevant lighting fuse.
  2. Leave the bulb to cool down for five minutes.
  3. Proceed to change the bulb, as you would a normal headlamp. Remove the bulb cover. Unplug the bulb connector, then remove the HID bulb, replacing it with the same reference type.
  4. Once the bulb has been replaced, reverse the fitting process remembering to re-install the fuse.
With the help of initiatives such as the IAAF’s ‘Right to Choose’ campaign, vehicle owners are realising that they can get HID bulbs fitted at independent garages. By offering HID bulb fitting, garages will no longer have to turn away business and certainly won’t be suggesting that customers go back to their main dealer. What’s more, as HID bulbs should always be replaced in pairs, there’s the double opportunity to profit.
The XenonHID5500 from Ring is available in three references; D2R – R851265K, D2S – R851225K and D1S – R854025K. Producing up to 20% more light on the roads than a standard HID bulb and with a colour temperature of 5500K, the light output is closer to daylight and creates better reflections from road markings and signs. All Ring HID bulbs are Emarked and come with a three- year warranty. For more details on fittings HIDs, take a look at Ring’s HID Fitting Video, available at



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