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Prepare for Start-Stop battery failures

ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBT), formally Manbat, used Autotechnician’s Technical Talks area at Automechanika Birmingham to prepare workshops for an increase in AGM and EFB replacement. Technical Manager, John Bentley, explained that VMs introduced these batteries to cope with Start-Stop technology to meet stringent emissions targets but motorists have been given the choice to override this system, which has meant they have not needed replacement. However, VMs can no longer allow drivers to switch off Start-Stop and the batteries in the first-generation systems are finally coming to the end of their falsely extended life!

By the end of the year, 12% of battery replacements are likely to be AGM/EFB, and by 2020, are expected to account for a fifth of replacements. These batteries require special tools and fitting procedures, so workshops should prepare and benefit from the opportunities these batteries present.

Chargers & Boosters

Batteries remain the primary reason for breakdowns so you need to have the right equipment to resolve problems. ECOBAT supplies the NOCO Genius range of battery chargers and booster packs in the UK, a premium brand in the US market.

For the motorist, the G1100 1.1amp charger is suited to smaller batteries between 2.2 and 40Ah and the G3500 3.5amp charger provides charging capacity for any vehicle with a 1.2 to 120Ah battery. Between them, these chargers provide the ideal solution for everything from a jet ski to a large mobile home.

For the professional – the G7200 7.2amp unit is supplemented by the Genius G15000 and G26000, 15amp models that are able to charge and maintain all types of batteries for everything from motorcycles, cars, boats and motorhomes to commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and construction equipment. These chargers also include a ‘supply’ function to deliver a fixed voltage of 13.6V and a ‘boost’ setting, to recover heavily discharged and sulphated batteries.

The entire Genius range of fully automatic ‘intelligent’ chargers can assess the condition of the battery, charge and then exercise the batteries to keep them in optimum condition and maximise their life span. In addition, Genius chargers are also designed to provide double the charge capacity of a traditional battery charger, making them powerful and efficient.

The Genius BOOST range of lithium-ion booster packs includes the GB70 (BOOST HD) and GB150 (BOOST PRO) aimed at professional users, featuring anti-spark engineering and protection against reverse polarity. They can be used to start petrol and diesel engines of up to 6-litres in seconds. In common with the rest of the Genius BOOST range, the range topping GB70 and GB150 can hold their charge for up to one year and accept more than 1000 cycles – charge, discharge, charge – due to the powerful, high density NOCO lithium-ion battery.

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