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Taking the fear out of start/stop battery replacement

ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBT) says there are still many workshops that have yet to grasp Start-Stop battery technology and are losing out on revenue. Its research has found that nationally, 43% of workshops turn away start/stop battery replacement, due to an assumption that fitting them is complicated and the necessary equipment costly. It could also be the potential negative publicity to their incorrect fitment, seen through recent news stories concerning a prominent chain and the subsequent demand for compensation, leading workshops to believe it’s best to steer clear of them altogether. 

The number of Start/Stop vehicles entering the workshop, all of which are fitted with either an AGM or EFB battery, is only going to continue to grow. Since 2016, virtually all petrol and diesel engines have the system as standard.


EBT has developed ONE BOX, providing workshops with all the equipment needed to test and install Start/Stop batteries, and access to this profit potential, which would typically be charged at more than £185 per installation. 

With the ONE BOX package and a little training, EBT says workshops will find that fitting these batteries correctly is not a complicated process and allows them to provide a more professional service, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of future warranty claims due to incorrect installation or use of an inappropriate battery.

The bundle includes a battery analyser to assess the condition of the existing battery, a NOCO charger and OBD lead to support the vehicle’s ECU/data storage during replacement and a battery validation tool to ensure the new AGM/EFB battery is assimilated into the battery management system. The package can be also be supported with signage and point- of-sale material to promote start/stop replacement capability.

ONE BOX, and its other products including VARTA®, Lucas and Numax brands, are available through its motor factor customers. If a workshop’s regular supplier does not work with EBT, they can contact EBT direct, who will then arrange for one of its existing customers to supply it along with any necessary training.

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