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ACtronics: New remanufacturing line

The automated remanufacturing line of the ABS unit…

Big news in the remanufacturing industry! ACtronics has started up a new remanufacturing line that has been specially designed to allow the remanufacturing process to run fully automatic! This has a huge positive effect on quality and lead time. We are therefore very proud of it.

During the optimization phase, the ATE Teves MK60E (a popular ABS system) was used as a pilot part and now that the remanufacturing line is functioning as desired, it is also being prepared for the remanufacture of other ABS systems. In addition to the MK60E, the other variants will also be remanufactured automatically in the near future. We will briefly explain (and show) how the remanufacture process works within this new line.


It all starts with opening the ABS system and removing the components to be replaced. A CNC preprogrammed machine opens the ECU (or in some cases parts of the HCU) and removes material where it is needed to properly reach the internal components. The soldering tin is then heated in specific places and extracted: the electronic components that are being replaced can now be removed from the printed circuit board. What follows next is an extensive cleaning process of the circuit board.


The assembly starts with the placement of new electronic components. A pre-programmed pick-and-place machine places these components in the correct position with extreme precision. Because these components are already provided with the correct amount of solder in advance, the printed circuit board only needs to be heated sustainably in specific places. The steps after that are a bit too extensive to briefly name and/or discuss, but the process ends with a new (in- house) cap.

End-Of-Line (EOL) and packaging…

The ABS system should now be back to normal, but this does not mean that the remanufacture process ends here. Before the remanufactured part is packed, it undergoes an extensive End Of Line test. This test not only checks the electronics, but also makes real use of an advanced fluid circuit that also allows thorough testing of the pump motor and the various valves within the HCU. If it turns out that the ABS system is completely in order, the part is neatly packed alongside installation instructions.

More automated remanufacturing lines on the way…

The remanufacturing line for ABS systems has already more than proven its added value. For ACtronics there was only one conclusion: This is the future! A second remanufacturing line for instrument clusters has therefore already been commissioned. And… the development for a third revision line, for TCUs, is also already in full swing. To be continued!

For those who would like to see moving images of the remanufacture line: There is a video about this on our YouTube channel

ACtronics now supporting Hybrid and Electric Vehicles…
The automotive industry is changing, with the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles PH(EV). We have embraced these developments and are proud to offer our remanufacturing solutions to PH(EV) owners too.

The total number of new cars sold in Europe with a plug passed the barrier of 2.5 million for the first time in 2022. This is a growing market and one we can support with our remanufacturing solutions.

Although the parts found in PH(EV)s differ drastically from traditional petrol and diesel engines, they too have their issues. Our remanufacturing services offer a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial solution to many faulty parts in PH(EV)s. Although electric and hybrid cars have a lower maintenance interval, the cost of maintenance and repair is a lot higher. This is due to the high prices of the advanced electronic components, making remanufacturing preferred option for many vehicle owners.

We have been working hard to analyse PH(EV) market demand and understand which parts are prone to malfunctions, which parts are viable to remanufacture due to their costs, and many more questions that are our Research & Development Department are working through to ensure we offer the best solutions to our customers.

The search function on our website provides an easy way to establish if we can remanufacture a specific part, but as this is a growing area of our business, it is always worth contacting us to discuss any PH(EV) requirements.

We’re already able to remanufacture many PH(EV) parts such as battery control modules, onboard battery chargers, virtual cockpit displays, inverters and more, and all for a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. As our research and development continues, we will identify new parts to add to our PH(EV) catalogue.

The cost of new electronic components is increasing due to the development in their levels of complexity, therefore the price difference between remanufactured and new parts will therefore continue to widen. We will continue to discover faults and error codes in an increasing range of PH(EV) parts. Our solutions will enable many PH(EV) owners to stay on the road.

Our affordable car remanufacturing solutions that stand the test of time will continue to move with the times and support changes in the automotive sector.


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