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An interesting angle on sensor resets

If a vehicle comes in to the workshop with steering and handling problems, there are several steps that should be taken in order to complete and validate the repair. It’s important to not only make sure that any wheel alignment adjustments are made, using an aligner, but also that the necessary diagnostic work is also done in order to reset any sensors and clear any fault codes.

By utilising the Sun V2400’s advanced measurement features you can quickly establish bent or damaged suspension parts to help ensure that you order and replace the correct components. Once those checks and repairs have been completed, a Snap- on scan tool, such as the new MODIS Edge, can be used to make sure the vehicle is ready to be returned to its owner.

One of the most common procedures to follow is resetting the vehicle’s steering angle sensors, which is especially important if components have been replaced. Connect the MODIS Edge up to the vehicle and select the Scanner option from the homepage then, once the vehicle has been identified, navigate to the Wheel Alignment menu.

Using a 2014 Peugeot 207 1.6L T-Diesel as an example, select the Steering Angle Sensor Calibration option. The model’s steering angle sensor must be re-calibrated if the toe-in is adjusted, if the sensor or the ESP ECU is replaced, if work is carried out on the steering column or column support or if any other work is carried out on the front axle.

From there, follow the on-screen prompts and the steps advised, then begin the calibration.

Once the calibration process has ended, start the vehicle’s engine and ensure the ABS warning light is no longer illuminated. Then, a short road test should be carried out to confirm that zero calibration has been completed.

It is important to reset the steering angle sensors after wheel alignment work because of how they impact other systems within a vehicle, such as Dynamic Headlights, Electronic Stability Control, Adaptive Cruise Control and Active Stability Control.

Steering angle sensors are usually located in the Column Integrated Module and with a MODIS Edge it is simple to see fault codes when the sensors fail or go out of tolerance. They can also lose synchronisation if the battery has been disconnected for long periods of time.

Using a MODIS Edge, the sensors can be reset to the manufacturer’s specification and data lists can be used to confirm operation.

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