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ALLDATA Europe debunks five common myths

Technical data in the workshop: ALLDATA Europe debunks five common myths and misconceptions.

From concerns about the cost of technical data and how technicians can turn investment into profit, what misconceptions about technical data are circulating around the aftermarket?

During the last MECHANEX event at Sandown, ALLDATA Europe UK Sales Director, Simon Frost, addressed the audience of independent workshop owners and technicians by challenging some of the common misconceptions that his sales team regularly come across when talking to customers and prospects – here’s what he shared with them:

“Technical data is expensive…”
Many independent workshops believe that acquiring technical data is a costly investment that they can’t afford, especially the OEM portals. Additionally, potentially managing 30 different usernames and passwords adds to the hassle. However, an alternative solution exists by choosing a provider, such as ALLDATA Repair, which can grant you access to genuine technical repair data from 37 brands for a fixed monthly fee. This makes it a more cost-effective option with just one set of log-in details giving access to more than seven million technical repair methods and procedures.

“I don’t need technical data…”

You may think you can rely solely on skills and tools, negating the need for technical data. This just isn’t true anymore; the need for help was recognised as early as the early 1970s when book publishers first started to produce manuals. Now, with the myriad of systems that go into producing a modern car, it doesn’t matter how talented or experienced you are, access to accurate information is crucial for efficient and accurate repairs.

A comprehensive understanding of a vehicle’s specifications, repair procedures, and diagnostic insights enhances overall service quality and – most importantly – this information saves valuable time in the workshop. You only have 40 hours per mechanic per week to sell, so you want to be making the most of the time you have.

“I only need one source of technical data…”
Having just one source for all technical data is a great idea; however, with the variety of jobs in the garage covering a wide range, it’s a common misconception that one provider does it all. There are several providers in the marketplace with different data offerings, at different price points.

My advice to you is to do some analysis on the types of jobs you are regularly doing and then work from there – and then ‘try before you buy’. A trial for a week or more with one or more is really the only way to know which data source is the right investment.

“Everything is on the internet…”

Assuming that everything can be found online is a risky strategy. A web search for a specific repair task generates varied and often incomplete results. Inconsistencies, such as missing procedures, incorrect time estimates or information for a different model, can be misleading. Relying solely on internet searches is no guarantee that you will reliably get the information you need to carry out all the repairs that appear in your garage.

“Customers will not pay…”
Contrary to the belief that customers won’t pay for access to technical data, I am confident you
can introduce a nominal fee for providing this valuable service. When explaining the necessity of consulting manufacturer-provided information for proper vehicle care, customers may better understand the associated costs. Charging a modest fee, such as £10 per vehicle, ensures that customers appreciate the specialised knowledge required to maintain their vehicles. Across the divide in the bodyshop world, a fee for researching the correct repair method is acknowledged and accepted by customers and insurers alike.

Introducing ALLDATA Repair…

With a repository of 118,000 make, model, year, and engine combinations, covering an impressive 96% of passenger vehicles currently on European roads, ALLDATA Repair provides original vehicle manufacturer repair, maintenance and diagnostic data. Models are added every week, and all the information is free to access to subscribers. Having access to ALLDATA Repair gives subscribers the confidence to tackle every vehicle that drives across the forecourt, whatever the issue.

ALLDATA Repair provides technical service bulletins, diagnostic trouble codes, technical drawings, and wiring diagrams – direct from the OEM in question. That is the distinction between ALLDATA Europe and other providers.

Thirty-seven VMs currently make up an impressive list of licence agreements, the latest being Tesla, Chrysler, Abarth and Maserati. More are set to join the growing list too, demonstrating ALLDATA Europe’s dedication in helping

its 19,000 technician subscribers repair more vehicles accurately. It wants to help technicians eliminate the guesswork and make repairs simple.

To learn more and discover how ALLDATA Repair works in practice, check out The website also offers the chance to request a free trial or sign-up immediately.

ALLDATA Repair: Inside Intelligence

Thanks to the ALLDATA Europe Info Centre Service, an additional support resource for ALLDATA Repair subscribers, a confused customer has become a happy customer after the mystery surrounding a brake light problem on a 2015 SEAT León 1.4 TGi was solved.

A vital part of any repair job is having the right tools – and that doesn’t always mean physical either. ALLDATA supplies genuine procedures for more than 118,000 vehicle combinations and has an archive of seven million technical repair methods.

However, when further assistance is required, ALLDATA Europe’s technical support specialists can come to subscribers’ aid. With a targeted response time of just four hours that is regularly fulfilled a lot faster, subscribers can rely on the team to minimise downtime and provide a solution.


This was one of those occasions when its technical support team were required. A 2015 SEAT León 1.4 TGi had recently failed its MOT due to the brake lights not working. The technician began by verifying the condition of the brake light bulbs, ensuring they were in good working order. Upon inspection, it was determined that there was no power supply reaching the bulbs. Despite efforts to locate a specific fuse, none could be found. Consequently, the decision was made to investigate the brake light switch; however, upon removing the lower half of the dash to access the brake pedal, it became apparent that there was no brake light switch attached to it.

This discovery left the technician uncertain about the location and operation of the brake lights. This prompted the need for assistance from ALLDATA Europe’s technical support team.


From the outset, it’s important to state that had the technician in question had access to quality repair information from the start, it would’ve been a straightforward repair. With quality repair information readily available, they could have referred to the wiring diagram for the brake lights. This would have highlighted the fact that the brake light bulbs are module-run and do not rely on a specific fuse, thus saving valuable time.

Furthermore, they would have been able to access the replacement instructions for the brake light switch, which would have revealed that the switch is not located on the brake pedal as initially assumed. Instead, it is situated under the bonnet, within the brake master cylinder.

For more information about ALLDATA Repair or to sign- up to a trial, visit

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