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Workshop lights with handy features

The Philips Xperion 6000 series of workshop lights come to the UK and Ireland early in 2022, initially comprising five workshop light products: The 6000 UV Pillar, the 6000 Pillar, the 6000 Pocket, the 6000 Slim, and the 6000 Line, as well as a Multi Dock station and a handy “Find My Device” accessory.

All products are designed to withstand workshop hazards and feature at least one magnet, a 360° hook, and rubber grips for better handling. At the top of the range sits the Philips Xperion 6000 UV Pillar, a multi-purpose work light with several powerful light sources. It features a LED movable main light with three different outputs ranging from 100-500 lumen(lm) and a wide 100° beam angle; a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) light and a unique UV light for leak detection. The 6000 UV Pillar has a long-lasting battery and allows the user to locate it with the “Find My Device” function, which comes as standard.

The Xperion 6000 Pillar offers many of the features of the 6000 UV Pillar, with the same advanced main light and a powerful 180 lm spotlight instead of the CRI and UV units. The “Find My Device” function, is available as an accessory and its battery designed to allow a technician to work all day using the light, without it requiring a charge.

The compact Xperion 6000 Pocket designed for use in confined spaces provides a wide-beam light up to 300 lm in Boost mode. A flexible 100 lm, 25 cm long spotlight pulls out of the main body of the light and can be bent to just about any angle. The Xperion 6000 Slim features a wide 100° beam angle from the long slim unit which rotates through 270°, allowing the operator almost unlimited vision through even the narrowest of gaps.

Lastly, the Xperion 6000 Line offers the widest beam of the range, with a 110° broad beam of 150 lm in Eco and 300 lm in Boost mode, designed to light up larger areas. It is also equipped with a powerful 120 lm spotlight beam.

The Find My Device accessory has a remote control, which triggers a buzzer and a flashing light, to help find any lost Philips Xperion 6000 devices within 10 metres of the user.

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