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Technical Service Bulletin- Mahle


Mahle Aftermarket has released a ‘Technical Messenger’ technical service bulletin, for the replacement of the oil filter element on the popular 1.4/1.6/2.0-litre TDI engines, used widely across the VW group.

The element, Mahle Original part number OX 787D, fits within a two-piece filter-housing module (OF206), and is mounted vertically on the engine block.

To protect the technician from spilled engine oil during the vehicle’s periodic oil changes, the module incorporates a drain screw, through which residual oil can be drained off easily and with the least mess. Helpfully, the screw can be loosened and re-tightened with a standard socket/spanner.





First remove the drain plug in the oil sump and allow the engine oil to drain completely, then loosen and remove the small drain screw in the bottom of the bowl-shaped bottom cover on the filter module. Allow the bowl to drain completely and then unscrew the cover to reveal the filter element.


Fig 2 Replace the small O-ring on the drain screw and the large O-ring on the cover, but ensure each is moistened slightly with clean engine oil beforehand. Tighten the drain screw to 6Nm.





Fig 3 Lightly moisten the fleece end cap centre hole of the replacement filter element OX 787D with clean engine oil, insert into the module and tighten the bottom housing to 25Nm.


Finally, fill the engine with fresh oil to the correct level and check all the joints for any sign of leakage.


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