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Online tests at www.autotechnician.co.uk assess diagnostic process

Autotechnician magazine has teamed up with GotBoost trainer Andy Crook to deliver online tests throughout 2018 to assess technical knowledge, process and diagnostic capabilities. The Autotech assessments have been created to help entrants identify any weak areas and address them in a confidential and fun format.

Once registered at www.autotechnician.co.uk/registration, users have access to multiple choice tests, covering vehicle systems, theory and diagnostic scenarios. Once completed, score sheets marked with the correct answers are instantly emailed back to the participant, along with supporting learning material.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 18.18.49The first quiz of 2018 is now live, with more to follow in the coming months. Andy Crook remarks:

“Diagnostics should be about more than just reading codes, it should be about process and procedure. The first Autotech 2018 case study, where a spark ignition engine has a misfire code stored, is a good example of this.

“A vehicle has been presented with a P0300 fault code stored, it has been to another garage who has suggested that the coil, leads and plugs maybe the cause. The customer is asking you for a second opinion.

“Proving what is or isn’t the cause of the misfire, means using all the tools at the technician’s disposal, not just a code reader, to gather sufficient data to establish the cause and what needs to be done to ensure the fault has been rectified after the repair.”

Register or log in to take the case study at www.autotechnician.co.uk/registration.

Organisers will be making a note of high scorers as the Top 5 will have the chance to win cash prizes later in the year.

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