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The 21st century tyre bay

By autotech-nath on July 19, 2017

Auto gem discuss how to use technology to maximise revenues.

Although Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have been around for nearly 15 years, TPMS became fully mandated in Europe for all new passenger vehicles in November 2014 and is now checked during the MOT process.
There are two technologies that are being used to detect tyre pressure issues – Indirect TPMS makes use of existing ABS/ESP sensors to estimate tyre pressure relative to the speed of wheel rotation, whilst Direct TPMS has sensors installed within each wheel that transmit real time pressure data to the vehicle ECU using radio signals.
Direct TPMS is the most accurate and preferred method and is now used on many of the most popular vehicles sold into the UK market. The sensors are powered by Li-On batteries sealed within the housings, with no way to recharge or replace them so all eventually need to be replaced. Average battery life is between 5-8 years, with higher mileage vehicles likely to have a reduced battery span.
Other issues can also come into play before the battery fails due to poor maintenance, misuse of incompatible components (metal caps, brass cores) or a simple lack of awareness, causing breakage at tyre inflation, replacement or repair. With at least 16.5 million TPMS sensors equipped to new vehicles in the last two and a half years alone and over 100 different types of OE sensors in existence in the UK, this sector can be quite intimidating, although it doesn’t need to be.
Autogem has been working with technology partners and parts suppliers worldwide to develop a TPMS programme that simplifies maintenance and to help businesses investing in the programme with training, systems and engagement with customers – making them what we call ‘!’
WHAT IS I-SENSOR Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 15.28.10
  • Exclusive, universal TPMS sensor replacement & maintenance programme.
  • Utilised by over 2,000 outlets in the UK.
  • Blank sensors that can be programmed on demand.
  • Replaces over 97% of the sensors on the UK roads.
  • Easy to use equipment.
  • A single, low cost price per sensor.
This simple, efficient replacement sensor model along with our tpms. fit programme is not only making TPMS more accessible but also adds a profitable revenue stream that helps bolster a workshop’s expertise and improve its service to the customer.
Groove Glove™ pairs a simple to use laser tyre tread scanning device with a sophisticated cloud-based software
system to increase customer engagement and maximise tyre and wheel alignment sales opportunities.
The intuitive, handheld device gathers tyre tread depths across the whole width of a tyre with unrivalled accuracy, using twin laser technology. The touchscreen interface allows the user to scan 4 or 6 tyres across a single vehicle and records tyre specifications, faults, customer data and a photo of the vehicle registration from an on-board camera. This data is transmitted directly to the cloud for  analysis and the back-end platform quickly produces a branded report ready for presentation to the customer.
The Groove Glove™ unit is designed with no moving parts and with sensors that ensure that every scan is an accurate one. This makes ongoing maintenance minimal, with no additional calibration required and no parts that are prone to regular failure or wear and tear.
  • Tread readings in a traffic light system (green, amber, red).
  • Analysis of wear characteristics, including shoulder/crown wear.
  • Highlights where wheel alignment, balance or suspension issues may exist.
  • Any other data that was manually input.
Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 15.28.32The display and interpretation of these characteristics is key to selling replacement tyres or advising of additional mechanical work that should be undertaken on the vehicle and Groove Glove™ provides this in a professional,
engaging and consistent manner. All data is also stored for retrospective analysis, accessible 24/7 via the web portal.
With over 27 million tyres already scanned, Groove Glove™ is a tried and tested aid to tyre and wheel alignment sales.
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