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The air con service season is here

By autotech-nath on August 25, 2022

Vehicles with both types of refrigerant R134a & R1234yf are now commonplace in workshops across the UK and service demand for newer vehicles with climate control systems, along with Hybrid and EV vehicles thermal management system awareness, is higher than ever for this lucrative opportunity.

WAECO AirCon Service has the complete solution for all types of business, so it’s time to invest in equipment, tooling and consumables suitable for the specific requirements of servicing vehicles with R134a & R1234yf.

Hybrid and EV vehicles have made their entrance to the automotive world and their complex cooling systems and reliance of efficiency have brought even more attention to this service opportunity.

Petrol & Diesel numbers still dominate workshops, but Hybrid and EV vehicle numbers are growing rapidly. Public & business demand will rise with record fuel costs and low emission incentives along with improving infrastructure.

The servicing procedures are similar but, awareness of some differences is required in order to take advantage of this lucrative service. One of the most important differences is the type of lubrication oil used in AC Systems with different refrigerants and types of compressor. Conventional belt-driven piston A/C systems typically use PAG or Ester oil, however, all hybrid vehicles require a special polyolester (POE) type oil. POE oil is dielectric, i.e., it has non-conductive properties, designed to lubricate the compressor whilst protecting the compressors electrical windings.

Hybrid and EVs use high-voltage systems, with some vehicle batteries supplying over 400 volts, hence different procedures should be carried out before attempting any A/C service. Technicians must carry out power down and disconnect the supply of the system to remove any risk of electric shock when working in or around an electric compressor. Technicians should hold an approved hybrid/electric vehicle accreditation before working on high-voltage vehicles.

Workshops must use the correct compressor oils PAG POE when servicing, as cross-contamination will reduce its dielectric property, which is also affected if oils are not meticulously protected against moisture present in the atmosphere (humidity-free storage and feeding system). Contamination leads to acid formation, which attacks the compressors, electrical motor windings and fine hydraulic components.

POE oil is highly hygroscopic – detrimental moisture levels can occur in one day if left open to the atmosphere and once absorbed, cannot be removed by system evacuation, even at pressure as low as 500 microns.

WAECO has the solution for this

Our ASC range of AirCon Service Centers utilise software for Hybrid service, with a flush kit (available separately) to safely change from conventional PAG oils to POE, enabling flushing of all machine pipework and hydraulic circuits to ensure no cross- contamination.

OE-specific oils such as Denso11, Denso 12 and Sanden SPA2 RB100EV are some examples that are available in the WAECO Profi Oil System, a truly moisture-free storage which negates any waste due to moisture ingress.

Compressor manufacturers are stipulating specific oil specification that have different additives such as cleaning and molecule stabilising properties, detergents etc.

Again, ensure the correct oil is used!

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