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The baby brother of the Porsche 911 GT3 comes into ADS Automotive for an upgrade

By autotech-nath on December 24, 2017

This month’s article looks at the all-new 991.1 chassis Porsche 911 GTS, which is equipped with the brand new 7-speed gearbox. With a substantial choice of different models to choose from, the GTS could be dubbed as a poor man’s GT3 but with prices starting from £94K, I think using ‘poor man’ is a very bad choice of words indeed.

In fact, if you carefully examine the specifications of the GTS what Porsche have cleverly done is turned the track monster GT3 into an everyday supercar which, over the years, is exactly what Porsche have become synonymous with. The stock Porsche GT3 comes as standard with 476 bhp and 460nm torque and compared to GTS at 430 bhp and 460nm torque, it’s very clear to see the GTS pedigree.

So if you want to keep you fillings in your teeth and fancy a 911 Carrera for everyday use, the GTS is a clear winner in my book. This, and the fact the GT3’s are all sold out and are fetching silly money second- hand. The GTS comes with the 3.8 direct petrol injected engine that derives from the GT3, it has slightly less power but with what we had planned, that would all change.

Porsche have done such a great job with the GTS exhaust it almost seems a crime to want to alter it, but not in this case. When it comes to choosing an upgrade for the GTS there’s only really one clear choice in my opinion, Akrapovic! The guys over at the Akrapovic factory have done it again with their Slip-on system, which boasts almost a 9Kg weight saving and a whopping 35nm torque increase!

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 09.45.53It’s a challenge to develop an aftermarket exhaust for the great 911 but the Akrapovic engineers have prepared a superb system with a dual nature. By using the optional Akrapovic sound kit, the driver can fully control the exhaust valves, which are controlled by the car’s electronics if no optional part is used. When the valves are closed, the 911 sounds deeper than stock, but not louder. When the valves are open, expect the complete opposite – a pure racing sound, with adrenaline-pumping bangs. Keeping the drone effect away was one of the main tasks. The Slip-on is made of special heat-resistant durable titanium alloy, with computer-designed pre-mufflers, main mufflers and pipes to deliver more power, more torque, weight reduction and improved throttle response.

Until you’ve actually heard this exhaust in person with the valves open, no amount of words can describe just how good it sounds, smoker or non smoker when you’ve heard it you will feel the need to go outside for a cigarette, it that’s good. Check out our FB live video here HERE and you’ll know what I mean.



To complement this exhaust system, we installed our own custom stage 1 software with some very nice little finishing touches, such as over run pops and bangs. With race mode selected in the car, anything above 4,000 rpm on over run will allow fuel to ignite down the exhaust giving that lovely race car feel and sound.

The software also boasts a very nice power and torque improvement from 430 bhp and 440 nm up to 450 bhp and 460 nm torque, edging to within almost touching distance of the mighty GT3! Coupled with the exhaust and software modification, as an everyday car the GTS wins comfortably, not mentioning the significant money saving.

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, the GT3 and GT3 RS will remain the purest of 911’s on the market, but they’re at home on a race circuit and offer little in terms of refinement and comfort for everyday use. This 911 GTS has been dubbed by its users as the best 911 to date for everyday use and drivability, which offers sublime comfort and useable supercar performance you can enjoy without being afraid of imminent death.

I’m fortunate to enjoy driving many different cars, including some really tasty high-performance cars and I can honestly say I feel right at home driving the GTS and with its fully switchable performance modes and exhaust button, it has an answer to every question.



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