The future of technician training?

Staying up to date with the latest vehicle systems is essential if you don’t want to turn away work but leaving the workshop for external training can be costly when you factor in lost time, jobs and travel costs. offers a solution which has the potential to be a real game changer when it comes to technician training. The online training platform consists of interactive video content which provides manufacturer-level technical training, specifically targeted for independent workshops. We took a module as part of the free trial to see how it worked and found it very simple to use as the virtual trainer talks you through the facts and interactive graphics, which makes it easier to remember than just reading content. Editor Nicola St Clair managed to receive full marks in the end of topic test – “What I don’t know about Inductive pickup engine speed sensors just isn’t worth knowing!”
‘Our Virtual Academy’ was launched in October 2016 to offer independent workshops online, manufacturer level technical training at a cost-effective price. Alan Markworth, Sales Director of Our Virtual Academy, tells us: “Unrestricted access to for a workshop team of five for a whole year costs less than the combined costs of one technician attending many one-day face to face training courses!”
Modules currently cover the chassis, drivetrain, HVAC systems, vehicle electrics, engine management, engine mechanical and alternative fuels – with one new video currently being added every week. An introduction to hybrid has just been added to provide the foundations for the chapters which will soon follow within the module. Users will be able to learn about the differing driving cycles; incorporating data list analysis, regenerative braking and the primary components that make up hybrid vehicles.
The team are currently working on a broad coverage of content ranging from air conditioning, common rail diesel, advanced hybrid to advanced oscilloscope techniques. If you want to learn more about this online training, visit and take advantage of a free trial to access two modules.

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