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The Garage Inspector Joins Autotech Academy


Autotech Group has appointed ‘The Garage Inspector’ Andy Savva as a Non-Executive Director of its newly launched division – Autotech Academy, created to help boost automotive skills and promote fresh talent into the industry by providing qualified college leavers with a paid internship.

With the industry facing a major skills shortage, particularly with the shift towards electrification, the need to create a pipeline of new talent has never been more prevalent. Now a consultant and trainer for the independent garage sector, Andy started his career as an automotive apprentice at 18 before owning his own garage, making him ideally placed to work with both interns and employers.

“The opportunity to join the board at Autotech Academy is something I couldn’t refuse,” comments Andy. “For many years I have commented on the challenges of attracting and retaining youth in our automotive sector. Autotech Academy offers a unique and broad range of essential technical-skills training, complementing what colleges are already doing to enhance and prepare the next generation of technicians, and front-of- house personnel, for employment.

“It is an exciting time to be involved in the automotive sector and there is much to do. I cannot wait to share my business knowledge to give each and every intern the edge as they step into the real world of our competitive and ever-challenging automotive industry.”

Through Autotech Academy, garages will pay a flat, hourly rate for a fully vetted, fully equipped intern. This cost covers insurance, tools, ongoing training and, after approximately six months, they can either decide to employ the intern free of charge on a full-time basis, or not – it’s effectively a ‘try before you buy’ solution.


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