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Nissens Automotive has just launched its new online self- learning platform, designed to help technicians brush up on their climate system knowledge and now also turbochargers. 

The Nissens Training Concept, or NTC for short, was created back in 2015, and since then, more than 4,000 mechanics and automotive professionals have taken the live training classes worldwide. Now the concept enters a remote learning era, offering workshops online access to an introduction to air conditioning, turbo resources and compressor content is planned for Spring. 

Nissens Automotive recently launched its turbocharger replacement programme* and one of the first online courses is about turbocharging fundamentals, sharing expertise in car and system troubleshooting and the turbo installation process. Marketing Manager Jan Zieleskiewicz, explains: 

“We have packed a lot of interactivity to help the audience when learning about new, advanced materials such as turbos. Professional narration and planned learning paths ensure that the students learn exactly what is relevant. Finally, every student can be certified, and it all runs electronically without any waiting time on issuing the official document signed by Nissens.” 


The self-learning platform will not be limited to online courses. Over time, it will develop into a knowledge-sharing platform, with access to tailored educational paths for a given system specialisation. Nissens plan to create a virtual community of automotive experts. 

Free sign up is available to users from February and throughout March, by using this link: 

*If you specialise in turbo diagnostics and replacement and would like to take part in a product review of a Nissen’s turbo, please contact Nicola on: 

PHONE: 01634 816 165

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