Mobiletron Competition – This AC Delco inspection camera could be yours!


The AC Delco ARZ6056 Multi Media Inspection Camera has a 5.5mm camera head that proves useful when inspecting hard to reach areas, removing the need to dismantle components when diagnosing faults and making repairs.

The robust camera includes a 4GB SD memory card and delivers over 100 minutes of 320 x 240 DPI high resolution video with voice annotation or over 42,000 images that can be viewed either directly on the 3” wide integrated screen or viewed on a computer via a USB lead.

The unit has 4 built-in LED lights on the camera probe with 5 brightness settings to illuminate the area being worked on. The camera also has 2.5 x digital zoom capability, along with 11 different settings to adjust the images being viewed. This includes two settings that allow images to be reversed.

The ARZ6056 comes with a 48” (1200mm) long waterproof camera cable to avoid water damage. Several attachments and alternative camera head sizes are available including 8mm, 4.5mm & 3.9mm.

This package includes 1 x 4GB SD memory card, 1 x 5.5mm camera head, waterproof cable (CIC601), 1 x alkaline battery cartridge for 4 AA batteries (AB642A) and a carrying case.

For your chance to win, simply email your workshop contact details by Friday 3rd November.

AC Delco brand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cordless and digital automotive power tools. Alongside the digital inspection camera, it also manufactures a range of automotive cordless and digital power tools, including impact and ratchet wrenches, mini polishers, grinders, drills and screwdrivers.

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