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Time for techs to put JLM to the test

By autotech-nath on June 1, 2021

The rise and rise of JLM Lubricants – Professional Diesel, DPF and Petrol Treatments

JLM Lubricants, distributed exclusively in the UK by Kalimex Ltd, launched on the back of an LPG valve saver formula. JLM founder Gilbert Groot identified the need for more high- performance specialist additives for diesels and launched the JLM DPF Cleaner in 2011. Today, it remains the most powerful in-tank additive for cleaning DPFs in the world and is unsurprisingly, a global bestseller.

JLM Lubricants is an innovator in the field of fuel additives with a global reach. In the UK, JLM products have been adopted by many leading specialist technicians, including the DPF Doctor network, founded by Darren Darling.

Ever more complex emissions’ technology in diesel and petrol engines is leading to increasing failure rates including fouled turbos and EGRs, blocked DPFs and contaminated inlet ports and injectors. Today’s diagnostic driven technician must have a detailed understanding of the underlying causes of these problems and how to isolate and rectify them. And they need a range of chemical additives and treatments that can be trusted to do an effective job, removing contamination without damaging sensitive and expensive components.

This is where JLM products tick every one of their boxes.

The wide range has been developed and tested in conjunction with professionals. They offer solutions to almost every contamination and cleaning problem presented on modern and older vehicles. The highly effective DPF Clean and Flush Toolkit for example, allows a mechanic to clean a blocked

DPF in under two hours without having to remove it from the vehicle. The toolkit costs a fraction of floor-based units
yet delivers the same results and it enables the independent workshop to keep DPF business in-house. The JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Cleaning Toolkit uses a similar technique to clean the engine, including the air intake, turbo, EGR and injectors – gently and effectively without the need to invest in floor-based equipment.

The JLM diesel range includes the only DPF Cleaner to use Cerium and Platinum, meaning low temperature soot burn with minimal ash. For older, unloved diesels JLM Diesel Extreme Clean is a blend of multiple treatments to bring a tired vehicle back to life; in a single bottle added to the fuel.

Hand in hand with the JLM professional additive solutions are the top-quality service and workshop products including Engine Oil Flush, Emission Reduction Treatment (for pre- and post-MOT), Cooling System Flush, Oil Smoke Treatment, and Turbo Pre Lube.

JLM Lubricants are now developing treatments for petrol engines, including a unique additive which clears carbon deposits on GDI (Direct) injector nozzles, another growing hidden problem. Coming soon, another innovation, a GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) cleaner.

Top technicians are genuine fans of JLM products including DPF Doctors Chay Blyth of Autotech Fife and Barry Lawson of Ewan Lawson Motors: “We have used JLM Lubricants’ products since we opened in July 2020. I am pleased to report that we have never been let down by the quality.” – Chay

“I would encourage mechanics to explore the potential in
DPF work. With JLM Lubricants’ products and a little training, workshop revenue can be significantly boosted. We now do DPF trade work for other garages too. It has proved to be a big income stream for our business.” – Barry

Is it time you put JLM Lubricants to the test? Discover more at



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