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TMD Friction launches new garage software


TMD Friction has launched a new piece of software to help garages document and evidence the quality of their work. Working with GaraShield, the new web-based platform supports the individual work steps taken during maintenance and repair tasks.

Users will find a clear task description with all the necessary steps for an inspection or repair on the specific vehicle model. Work carried out can be confirmed with a click, and vehicle defects and/or faulty parts can be described and documented with photos. GaraShield can be integrated into existing IT solutions and this information can be made available in real time, to procure the right spare parts, hand over the job or to inform the customer about the status of their repair.

The software can be used to document major, interim and bespoke servicing, MOT work and repairs (including brakes, timing belts, clutch, air con, battery replacement) and Quick Jobs can be added – such as replacing bulbs, filters or tyres. GaraShield aims to help future-proof independent garages by helping to increase efficiency and will be particularly useful for those with fleet accounts or looking to take on fleet work.

Soeren Kristensen, Vice President Global Marketing & Communication at TMD Friction, said: “To ensure enough business in the future… the independents need to win over the fleets, which have very unique requirements when it comes to quality assurance in garages. Transparency is essential if the independent garages are to become an alternative for the fleets in the first place. Only in this way can they prove that they have the required qualifications and work quality, which are the most important criteria when it comes to being competitive.”

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