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Tools that keep tasks in-house

By autotech-nath on October 23, 2022

autotechnician discovers the range of diagnostic tools available from TopDon

TopDon’s range of diagnostic tools provide varying levels of functions, ranging from the Phoenix Lite 2 entry tool, which is useful when servicing and frees up the main diagnostic tool, the Phoenix Elite, which includes ADAS capabilities and enables online coding and programming for six manufacturers for an investment of £1,695, up to the top of the range Phoenix Smart and Phoenix Max – its two most popular tools. The Phoenix Max includes a 4-channel oscilloscope, ADAS compatibility, and Topology Mapping. It provides the ability to reprogramme ECUs and replacement modules on 14 vehicle brands. TopDon also supplies an ADAS solution in the form of the Phoenix Mobile ADAS, a foldable calibration frame. TopDon states these tools unlock huge potential for independent workshops, keeping tasks in-house rather than lining the pockets of local dealerships and stalling the job.

Its latest tool, Phoenix Remote, is a new take on all-make vehicle diagnostic tools and is now available to pre-order. It has a vehicle database of over 200 vehicle brands for local diagnostics and also offers a Remote diagnostics Pay-by- session platform – allowing workshops to reduce vehicle key-to-key repair times and the amount of work that is subcontracted to local specialists or dealerships.

It is mounted within a powerful Android 10 rugged tablet, boasting a 12000mah Battery and 128GB HDD, alongside a Quad-core 2Ghz processor. Unlike other all-make diagnostic tools, the Phoenix Remote does not come with a wireless VCI, eliminating any possible disconnection issues and allowing the tool to charge the battery directly from the vehicle’s OBD port.

.The Phoenix Max sits at the top of TopDon’s range, which comes with a bigger tablet, faster processor and 4-channel scope

The Local diagnostics within the TOPDON Phoenix Remote includes Cloud Based Programming and online coding for 14 Vehicle brands. These include VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Renault, Infiniti, Jaguar Land Rover, Hyundai and Subaru. All the latest vehicle protocols are also covered, including CAN-FD, RP1210 & DoIP.

The Remote service is provided by Auto Diagnostic Support, based in Poole – a team of experienced technicians alongside a vast level of Genuine Manufacturer and all-makes diagnostic equipment. Create a Remote session booking using your Phoenix Remote tool and once the booking is picked up by an ADS technician, a communication window is opened, allowing you to chat directly and give as much detail as they require to complete the job successfully.

Once connected to the vehicle, the ADS technician can use any OBD diagnostics equipment remotely to access the vehicle in your workshop – whether you need a control module programmed, software updates, VAG component protection removal or just help to diagnose a problem you are struggling with. Continuous communication is essential whilst any diagnostic functions are being carried out as this will more than likely include physical actions to be performed during the process, such as switching the ignition of the vehicle on and off.

Pricing per remote function varies per job, depending on the steps, process and tooling required to complete the job successfully.

In addition to Remote diagnostics, users are able to utilise ADS knowledge and equipment to check for fault guidance, suggested solutions and technical service bulletins provided by vehicle manufacturers.



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