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Autotchnician Big Weekend 2021 image and logo

Countdown begins to Autotechnician’s BIG Weekend

Independent workshop owners and technicians are invited to Warwick for Autotechnician magazine’s two-day training event 26-27 November to gain expert advice on emerging technologies and everyday techniques to boost your first-time fix rate & prepare for the challenges ahead

The event takes place at Delphi Technologies training workshop in Warwick (CV34 6RR) from 9am to 5pm on Friday 26th November & Saturday 27th November, with unique content delivered each day.

Topics include scoping techniques, ADAS, Electric Vehicle systems, vehicle data, customer communication, battery technology, dealer tools & DPF repairs – delivered by Andy Crook of GotBoost, Delphi Technologies, Pete Melville of HEVRA, VAG specialist Gareth Davies, David Massey of ADS, VARTA, EV workshop owner Matt Cleevely & DPF Doctor Darren Darling.

One and two-day tickets are available now below, at a reduced rate thanks to sponsor subsidies:

Friday one-day ticket @ £79 +VAT
Saturday one-day ticket @ £79 +VAT
Two-day ticket @ £129 +VAT

Social distancing measures will be in place and tickets will be fully refunded if the event is unable to run due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Friday 26th November line up

Andy Crook – Scoping session

Andy will be demonstrating the why, how, and where of scoping. His first session will focus on why oscilloscopes are required, taking familiar components and systems, and demonstrating the benefits of using an oscilloscope when diagnosing circuit faults.

Andy will combine simple tests and measurement techniques that can be used to pinpoint circuit or component failures.

Delphi Technologies – ADAS in action, Phil Mitchell

Phil plans to look at real-life videos of ADAS on the road and then relate this back to the importance of correct calibration. A key part of the presentation will be to look at how ADAS impacts the driving of the vehicle and so how customers will present issues to the garage. He will also cover how to explain ADAS to the end-customers so that they understand and accept costs associated with calibration.

Pete Melville, HEVRA – Electric Vehicle systems                                 

 Gareth Davies, VAG specialist

Gareth will discuss data and information skills, something that plays a pivotal role in many people’s daily workshop life and will provide tips and hints that can be used back at their workshops.

Dave Massey, ADS – Customer communications
Mental health in the workplace – Dave’s personal journey and what we can do as employers to help 

Saturday 27th November line up

Andy Crook Scoping session:

The second session will focus on math channels. Andy will prove that understanding the circuit you are measuring will reduce diagnostic time. Or as he likes to put it, more craft equals less graft.

VARTA – Battery technology & testing, Andrew Cook and Ashley Craig

The VARTA team look forward to engaging with the attendees at Autotech’s Big Weekend and providing the latest information about battery technology, particularly when it comes to modern vehicles entering the aftermarket. Battery replacements are becoming increasingly complex, and VARTA will provide the tools & knowledge to efficiently and accurately fit the correct battery technology first time.

Gareth Davies, VAG specialist

Gareth will give an overview of dealer tools – how to acquire them and the role they play in tasks along with scan tools, scopes, and skills.

Matt Cleevely – Taking on EV repairs

Matt will share information and case studies about developing and growing his 4-year-old EV specialist workshop. If you want to know how to attract more HV work, and know what to expect when you do, then join us at the Big Weekend!

DPF Doctor Darren Darling – The Do’s and Don’ts of DPF repairs

Dave Massey
AdBlue – learn everything there is to know about how to accurately diagnose SCR systems

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