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UKAT Workshop Data, powered by Haynes Pro, is a technical data package that draws from the experience of a workshop’s needs when it comes to the daily diagnosis and repair of vehicles in the modern workshop. UKAT’s founder Peter Warman, who established his independent workshop AFS in Redhill over forty years ago, explains: “Compared to all the technical data packages out there, I think we offer a very competitive package for small to medium workshops.” 

Enter the vehicle reg into Workshop Data to access relevant data, such as: service schedules, procedures and times; OE- approved repair times; OE-sourced information on lubricant/ fluid viscosity, specification and capacity; locations of fuse boxes, fuses and relays and torque settings (including diagrams for bolt/nut identification). 

The system includes thousands of exploded diagrams to aid with dismantling/refitting, tens of thousands of wiring diagrams and features a built-in customer database to link a registration to the customer. You can also make vehicle notes to aid future problem solving (which can be kept private or shared) and there’s step-by-step guided fault diagnosis and component tests. 

Technical Bulletins/Fixes and Known Faults can be bolted on for an additional £50 per year. 

Mark Wood of MW services in Redhill has an annual Tech4Techs Subscription and told Autotechnician: “I use it mainly for brands I don’t usually do, I use it four or five times a day, to do service sheets, for timing jobs, get wiring diagrams… it shows how to do cam belts and gives torque settings for calipers and suspension. Compared to other systems it’s a lot cheaper and it gives me across the board information.” 

If you’d like to try out the package, free of charge, visit 

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