Vauxhall offers winter check-up for all


Vauxhall is inviting drivers to give their vehicle a winter check-up. For the first time in the brand’s history, the ‘All Makes’ campaign by Vauxhall is open to all drivers, regardless of the make and model of their car.

The check-up by Vauxhall technicians consists of a 29-point visual check, covering all vital parts of the customer’s car, designed to ensure that they are prepared to face the winter ahead.

The check-up includes a battery check, a ‘pothole check’ to advise on potentially unnoticed damage to cars suffered on rough roads, as well as a top-up of six vital fluids: screen wash, anti-freeze, oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid and power steering fluid.

The Vauxhall winter check-up is priced at £10 for Service Club customers and £15 for all other customers.

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